Does your remote setup look like this?

In the midst of all the COVID-19 lockdowns and sudden remote work, you might be asking yourself: shouldn’t we just pause our hiring?

Pausing your hiring sounds tempting, but remember: your competitors are still actively hiring!

No matter how tempting pausing your hiring sounds, your competitors aren’t doing it. Let’s look at a real life example in the city of San Francisco, which entered a lockdown that is projected to last from March 17th to April 7th.

Using our customer data (pulled from 150+ customers), in those 16 business days over 25,000 interviews will be scheduled. And, in the average month, our users interview over 1,000 candidates.

How can I keep up with my competitors and hire remotely?

Companies on GoodTime average 1,400 interviews scheduled per week.

So there’s a lot of opportunity to continue hiring during the lockdown. The good news is: much of your process is already remote without you realizing!

Think about it: how do you source candidates? How do you track and manage referrals? Where do you schedule interviews? It’s all online!

Here are three simple ways you can continue to hire, despite the lockdown:

1) Prioritize existing candidates

It can be tempting to continue to source additional candidate pipeline (after all, the bulk of that is usually through digital outreach), but it’s important not to forget about the already-scheduled candidates that you have in your pipeline.

Make sure you keep continuous and prompt communication with these candidates and assure them that their interviews will still happen as planned– just virtually! In such an uncertain time, it’s important that your recruiting team becomes one of those certainties.

Remote Interviewing Tip: Try using the same video conferencing link for all of the interview events. This means that the candidate only has to stay online and click one link instead of juggling many. Your interviewers will need to know when to sign on to begin their portion of the interview. Keeping track of time is key!

2) Get creative!

Get creative? How can I be creative when I’m alone in my apartment and I can’t even meet the candidate onsite?

Well– the good news is, there’s many different ways to be creative– it doesn’t just mean goody bags and snacks at the office:

  • Send a thoughtful video from members of the team you’re recruiting for about why they’re excited about hiring for that position
  • Offer to connect with the candidate 1:1 over video or the phone and talk more about the office culture or what they’re looking for in their next position
  • Collaborate with your team and send a video compilation of office dogs, videos from fun events you did as a company, etc.

3) Keep communication consistent

You can be as creative as you want, make the candidate experience as amazing as you want, and more– but it doesn’t matter if you aren’t keeping consistent communication with your hiring team.

Set up time to sync with your team daily about candidate updates, wins, losses, or maybe even just some time to meditate and center yourself as a team.

No matter what, working remotely as a team for the first time definitely has a learning curve. Stay motivated, reach out when you need to, and remember: you got this!

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