Holiday Gifts for Interviewers

You, the recruiting coordinator, are the backbone of the company. Keeping in line with my anatomy analogy, that makes the interviewers your arms and legs– supporting you and the candidates you help bring in.

Show a little extra appreciation this holiday season to the interviewers in your life that (hopefully) help make your job easier! (And, if not, a confetti cannon is always an option.)

No matter what holiday you celebrate, here are 5 of the top holiday gifts that you can give your interviewers. And, as an added bonus, all gifts are under $20:

1) Anti-Stress Coloring Book

Where can I find it?: Depending on how close you are, you have two options here: the Calm the F*** Down coloring book or the much less aggressive The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People.

How much does it cost?: $4 – $8, depending on which book you choose (not including shipping/tax)

Why get this gift?: No matter what your job is, working is stressful. Add to that stress of multiple interviews a week (especially if there aren’t a lot of interviewers and they have a heavy load), and that’s enough to send anyone in a downward stress spiral. Plus, who doesn’t love coloring?! Give your interviewer a well-deserved break and empower them to unleash their inner Picasso.

2) 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings: How to Get By Without Even Trying

Where can I find it?: You can get it on Amazon, but I found this book on Barnes & Noble for far cheaper– use the extra cash to get yourself a well-deserved coffee or snack!

How much does it cost?: $3 (not including shipping/tax)

Why get this gift?: Who doesn’t want to appear smart without having to make a single effort to get there? Includes tips such as: drawing a Venn diagram, encouraging everyone to “take a step back,” creating “walking meetings,” and more. Get this gift for that interviewer in your life that just loves meetings.

(A former coworker of mine got this book as a gift, and while I can’t say for certain that he performed better in meetings, he certainly loved quoting it during the day!)

From seller, linked below

3) “This is Fine” Meme Enamel Pin

Where can I find it?: Etsy! I’m sure you can find other great pins elsewhere, but that’s where I found this one.

How much does it cost?: $10 (not including shipping/tax)

Why get this gift?: You’ve seen the meme and you’ve definitely been in situations where it speaks to you. Why not share that with the interviewer in your life that’s been with you through the roller coaster called recruiting? You guys could even get matching ones as a reminder that you’re both in this firescape together. 

4) Fortune Telling Book

Where can I find it?: Right here

How much does it cost?: $15 (not including shipping/tax)

Why get this gift?: The future’s murky, give your interviewer(s) some clarity with the Daily Oracle! Just ask it a question, open to a random page, and boom– there you go. Instant clarity. (Maybe you should get one for yourself to see which interviewers are going to cancel…..)

From seller, linked below

5) Appreciation Plant Cube

Where can I find it?: Here! You could also potentially DIY this if you’re feeling particularly crafty.

How much does it cost?: $7 (not including shipping/tax)

Why get this gift?: I can’t be the only one that has a few friends who are obsessed with plants. And what’s not to love? Relatively low maintenance, gives us oxygen, looks nice, etc. As an added bonus, your interviewer can keep this on their desk so they’re always reminded of how much you appreciate their hard work!

Whatever holiday gift you get, it’s important to show the people you work with your appreciation for their hard work. Happy Holidays!🎁

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