Recruiters Save Time

Recruiters are more than just scheduling and interviewing machines. They’re also responsible for finding great talent and impacting their candidate experience. However, a lot of recruiters find themselves spending the majority of their time scheduling, tracking down interviewers, and scheduling again.

Luckily, with the introduction of different tools in the recruiting tech stack (such as an Interview Logistics Platform), recruiters have more time than ever to focus on what really matters:

1) Career Development

Recruiting coordinators aren’t just schedulers and interviewers, they’re also a wonderful asset to the recruiting team who can make vast improvements to different areas of the recruiting funnel.

From improving offer letter automation, collecting hiring data, strengthening employer brand, etc., all of these projects are a great avenue to improve in your career while improving the recruiting process at the company.

Additionally, the new skills that RCs and recruiters build can be transferrable to other positions within the same company. In an era when most employees stay at companies for less than five years, having viable career opportunities and teaching new skills is a critical way to hold on to top talent.

2) Improve Your Recruiting Strategy

Another thing recruiters should focus on (besides just scheduling) is improving the recruiting strategy.

From the candidate experience to improving communication with candidates, recruiters should take the time to sit down with the hiring team and apply any relevant feedback that they’ve gotten from candidates and interviewers. This helps ensure that the process that’s being used is one that’s candidate-driven, not company-driven.

3) Build Working Relationships

Great working relationships with interviewers, hiring managers, and candidates are critical for all recruiters! Recruiting is, after all, a team effort that requires help from individuals from different departments and titles.

Therefore, it’s important to take the time to get to know the people you’ll be working so closely with. Grab lunch together or make the time for a short coffee break. Building strong personal relationships is a great way to make work fun!

Learn how to improve your relationship with your hiring manager here.

4) Gain Confidence

As recruiters, you’re the first introduction that candidates have to the company. Without confidence, there’s a very high chance those candidates will have a negative first impression.

Taking the time to brush up on your skills and making sure that you have the tools you need to do your job successfully will give you the confidence to answer a candidate’s questions well (or have the time to research the answers!).

Additionally, having confidence also helps you select the best interviewers for interviews. That is, if you don’t have an Interview Logistics Platform to do that for you.

5) Take Care of Your Health

Recruiting is stressful. It’s an often never-ending job with a ton of different moving parts that can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

Making the time to step away from the computer and re-center yourself is critical for not only your health but also your growth within the company.

Recruiters have a lot on their plate, and what they do with their time is critical for the future success of the company. By freeing up their schedule with tools like an Interview Logistics Platform, they’ll have the time to focus on what really matters!

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