The Interview Process is Important

Hiring the best talent boils down to have the best first impression. Candidates have multiple ways to get info about a company, and it’s up to the recruiting team to put their best foot forward: both digitally and in person.

With so many potential touchpoints with candidates, it can be difficult to prioritize with your team. However, it’s important to remember to focus on the one experience that will leave the strongest lasting impression: the interview.

But first…why are you hiring?

Before you even think about your interview, you need to establish why you’re hiring. This will affect the questions you’ll ask candidates.

For example, if you’re hiring additional employees in order to share the workload, you should ask questions relating to prioritization of responsibilities and collaboration. In the same vein, if you’re trying to scale, you should ask questions about their achievements and problem-solving skills.

The role of interview questions is, after all, to find the candidate that will fill in the team’s missing gaps.

Stick to your interview standards

Candidates have a certain expectation for the quality of the interview that they’ll have. The interview is, after all, the only real way for candidates to know if they’ll be a good fit for the company.

This is especially true for onsite interviews. Because they’re face-to-face, candidates typically bring their A-game to impress everyone– and companies should, too.

You don’t have to bring every candidate goody bags (though it can help!), but you should make sure you value each candidate’s time. This is through a standard outline of next steps for the candidate after the interview. This should, of course, be tailored to each department.

In all, your interview is your big chance to make a great impression to your candidate. It’s important to put your best foot forward as both interviewers and a company.

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