LiveRamp's Recruiting Team Drives Efficiency

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp offers brands and the companies they work with an identity resolution that is integrated throughout their digital ecosystem. This provides the foundation for true omnichannel marketing. Their services transform the technology platforms used by their clients into people-based marketing channels that improve the relevancy of marketing and, ultimately, allow consumers to better connect with the brands and products they love.

“Since using GoodTime, the number of candidates we can touch each day has increased wildly. We can work with candidates to help them prepare for their interviews and give them an all-around better candidate experience!”

Recruiting Operations Coordinator, LiveRamp

The Challenge: Driving Scalability and Efficiency

The team at LiveRamp needed a solution to achieve their hiring goals for 2019, which included hiring 150 additional employees by the end of the year.

In order to achieve this, the team knew they needed more trained interviewers to share some of the interview load and bring in top talent, fast. This includes automating the interviewer roundup scheduling process!

Before GoodTime

Prior to GoodTime, the recruiting team’s efficiency suffered because there was no standardized interviewer training process. It was fairly easy for potential interviewers to stay within the same stage of their training for weeks, which created bottlenecks. Additionally, the small interviewer team had to share the interview load that comes with 142 open jobs, which overworked certain individuals.

Because of this, the recruiting team knew they needed to rely on a tool to help them gain greater efficiency and more evenly balance the workload. For these reasons, they turned to GoodTime to standardize and streamline their interviewer training process.

“There’s much more structure to the interviewer training process now. I don’t feel as overwhelmed with interviews because I know that, in just a few weeks, other interviewers will be trained up and ready to lead, too.”

Interviewer, LiveRamp

After GoodTime

Since adopting GoodTime, the team has more than doubled their interview load– jumping from 18,000 interviews to nearly 40,000 just 6 months after implementation. GoodTime’s interviewer training has enabled the interviewer team to more evenly spread this increased workload!

“The data we can glean from GoodTime regarding interviewer metrics is foundational for us to be able to track, train, and scale as our hiring needs increase or fluctuate.”

Recruiter, LiveRamp

Interviewer Training

GoodTime’s interviewer training has given interviewers the trackable structure that they need in order to start sharing the load with other interviewers at the company. In GoodTime, all interviewers follow the same process to get certified: they shadow a trained interviewer, shadow again, and then complete a reverse shadow. This standardized process ensures that each candidate receives the same great experience no matter who they’re interviewing with.

Additionally, at the conclusion of their training, all interviewers are tagged in the GoodTime system. Since implementing interviewer training, LiveRamp has added 19 additional interviewers to a variety of tags, including: NY Onsite Eng Lead (Architecture), NY Onsite Eng Lead (Minesweeper), Senior FS Activations (Design), and more.

We were already doing interviewer shadowing before GoodTime’s program, but it was hard to keep track of how many sessions we shadowed and which interviews we were training to lead. Now, expectations are super clear and I feel like I have more control over which types of interviews I want to be involved in.

Interviewer, LiveRamp


In addition to automating and standardizing interviewer training, GoodTime’s roundups feature has enabled the LiveRamp team to automatically schedule a roundup at the conclusion of the final interview. This means that every roundup happens within 12 to 24 hours of the final interview that day. This significantly speeds up the process and helps LiveRamp efficiently hire top talent!

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