Campus Recruiting

When campus recruiting teams are not executing their wonderful programs on campus or making offers, they are planning for the next season. Are you ready to recruit the best talent this fall recruiting season? Here are 3 simple but effective ways to recruit the best entry-level talent for your organization.

Cut Out the Cookie Cutter Strategies 

The old method of campus recruiting is to create a strategy and do the same thing at each school. While this is efficient, it is not effective for competitive hiring (i.e Technology, Accounting, etc).  Make sure to research each university and tailor your recruiting activities to create the most impactful events.

A simple way to do this is to get to know your interns. Pick their brains about the best activities that attract students, the swag they like at their schools, the events they are interested in, and the professors with the best connections.

Collect all this data during the summer internship and make sure to utilize it in your fall/spring strategy. Repeat each summer with fresh interns.

Say Yes to Student Ambassadors!

If you do not have Student Ambassadors for your company, get them now!

Have intern managers nominate their interns to be Student Ambassadors, select the ones that are getting returning offers, and have at least 1-2 for each Core University.

Student Ambassadors will be your key to success. They will also give you the ability to do more while traveling less (bonus- cost and time savings!). 

Professors are your Best Friend

Make time to meet with professors when on campus. You’ve already spent time gathering information on the best professors to reach out to from your interns (strategy #1 above), so now it is time to get to know them.

Set up some coffee chats, grab some company swag to give to them, and build relationships with these amazing professors. Share your hiring needs and make sure to reach out to them for students that might be a great fit for your company.

Most of them will also help you market your open positions. Just send them a well-crafted email they can share.

Esther is the HR Manager and Recruiter for GoodTime. She has 12+ years of recruiting experience and has lead Campus Recruiting teams at many fortune 100 organizations. When she isn’t doing HR work, she is spending time with her daughter (Ellie), husband (Tim), and her pup (Junior).

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