Remote Recruiter

As more and more people work remotely (including recruiters), it’s important to focus on the skills that you’ll need in order to excel. After all, working remotely in any job takes a certain skill set. Working as a remote recruiter is no different!

Whether you’re a remote recruiter yourself or you’re thinking about becoming one, make sure you have these 3 skills to be successful:

1) Persistence

Recruiting is like sales, and you have to be persistent to get the talent you want. This is especially true as a remote recruiter, where the onus is on you to make sure that you’re hitting your numbers and recruiting qualified people.

How can you be persistent without being annoying? For starters, give the prospective candidate what they’re looking for by only recommending open roles that directly correlate with their existing experience. Additionally, make sure you proofread your message! You don’t want to send something with typos or, worse, with the wrong name in the subject line.

This persistence carries through when the candidate is in the interview process. Make sure to take the time to follow through about a candidate’s progress and update them accordingly. While these updates don’t– and shouldn’t– have to be every day, keeping the candidate updated on the status of their application is a great and easy way to create a positive candidate experience.

2) Multitask Well

As a recruiter, you’re doing a number of things at once. This includes juggling calendars and schedules, all while communicating with a variety of different candidates about their different roles.

However, when you’re working as a remote recruiter, you also need to include consistent communication with your team and manager to the list.

3) Strong Prioritization Skills

Recruiters have a lot on their plate. From discussing hiring needs with the hiring manager to screening resumes, conducting phone interviews, and running background checks. Therefore, it’s important to know which tasks are the most critical and which ones can be completed at a later date.

While this knowledge will eventually come with experience with your role as a remote recruiter and in the company, consistent communication with your manager will help you better prioritize the company’s needs.

There are many skills that are important and contribute to success as a remote recruiter, but these 3 are some of the most important. Whether you’re a remote recruiter now or looking to become one, make sure you brush up on these to successfully land top talent!