Candidates Goody Bag

Candidates, on average, send out 10-15 job applications per week. Your company is just one of the many that they want to work for.

With how competitive hiring is, it’s important that the candidates you interview have a memorable experience. One of the best ways to do this is by giving them a goody bag!

While it’s (relatively) easy to raid your marketing department for swag, you can’t just give your candidates whatever you have lying around. And, unlike the image above suggests, it’s not a great idea to give candidates puppies (no matter how cute it would be to have them around the office)!

Here are three tips for putting together the perfect goody bag that candidates will love:

1) Include items candidates will actually want

Think back to the last few events you’ve attended. Whether it was a wedding, birthday party, conference, or recruiting event, you got something that you could take home with you to remember the event by.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, the millions of water bottles, tote bags, and pens end up collecting dust.

You want your candidates to actually use the gift that you’ll give them, otherwise, you’re not achieving your goal of having a memorable interview experience.

2) Represent your company and its culture

Why do you like working at your company? Is it because it’s quirky and collaborative? Because you identify with the company’s mission?

Just like you, candidates care about these things and want to identify with the culture and mission of the company that they’ll potentially work for. While it’s easy to tell them about your culture, displaying it through the goody bag items you give them is far more impactful.

Wistia, a creative video-software company, gave out bike bells, for example. Bike bells are certainly different from the typical pens and water bottles, making it memorable and creative, just like their company.

3) Make sure it’s portable

No matter what you decide to give candidates, make sure it’s portable and easy to carry! For most companies, you’ll give the candidate the goody bag when they arrive, and you don’t want to add additional stress by forcing them to juggle something that’s awkward to hold.

As a good rule of thumb, stay away from anything heavy and that can’t fit into a gift bag or tote.

Giving goody bags to candidates is just one of the many ways to create a truly memorable, great candidate experience. Interested in learning other ways to attract candidates? Read more, here.

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