Recruiting Coordinator Helps Candidate Experience

Oftentimes, the first person that the candidate is interacting with is the recruiting coordinator. This means that it’s up to you to set the foundation for a great candidate experience!

That might feel like a lot of pressure, but if you do these three things you’ll be sure to give all of your candidates a great experience:

1) Continuous Communication with the Recruiting Coordinator

There’s a fine line between being communicative and annoying, and, as a recruiting coordinator, it’s important to find that balance.

However, many candidates often feel as though they’re left in the dark about important aspects of the hiring process. For example, if their resume was received and if they’ll be moving on to the next steps.

Therefore, a great way to set the stage for a 5-star interview is by sending emails or text messages to keep them updated about their interview or application status!

2) Seamless Interview Scheduling

The interview scheduling process goes hand in hand with continuous communication. It’s pretty well-known that scheduling an interview is a difficult process. However, it doesn’t have to be.

There are a variety of different interview scheduling tools on the market, but few of them are candidate-driven. Candidate-driven scheduling means that the interview scheduling application already syncs with the interviewers’ calendars, and the candidate picks a time that works for them. This way, the interview is already scheduled for a time that works for both parties from the beginning!

Read more about this process here.

3) Make the Candidate Feel Special

When the candidate comes in for their onsite interview, it might be part of the recruiting coordinator’s job to greet them at the door and introduce them to their first interviewer. A great (and easy!) way to make them feel special and valued is by giving them a goodie bag.

A goodie bag can be anything from little treats to branded pens, and it gives the candidate something memorable and enjoyable to take home from their experience interviewing with the company.

No matter what you do to make the candidate feel welcome, it’s important to remember: does what I’m doing accurately share our company culture and reduce their stress? After all, a great candidate experience is one of the most important differentiators for landing top talent!