Recruiting is tough. Let's look at memes!

To no one’s surprise, recruiting ain’t easy. Whether the playing field is too saturated with recruiters or your current process doesn’t provide enough “value” for the candidate; it probably feels like “controlling the controllable” is just impossible.

There are plenty of articles about how to battle against these recruiting struggles, but this isn’t one of them. This Friday, let’s sit back and laugh at the challenges we face (and then maybe do some stress-relieving exercises and read about solutions).

Hopefully, now you feel a little bit better about all recruiters have to go through! (And, if you’re ready to make a change, check out how an Interview Logistics Platform can make your recruiting easier.)

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About the Author:

Kevin is a Sales Development Representative at GoodTime! When he’s not sending emails and slaying the sales game, Kevin enjoys long walks on the beach along with charcuterie plates with mostly fine goat cheeses and pickled vegetables.

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