Your job posting is critical!

Your job posting is really the first interaction that candidates have with your company. It’s a given not to use certain words that are typically biased, but how can you fully take advantage of this platform?

1) Use the job posting to give a glimpse into the day-to-day

Most job postings will include the necessary experience but don’t give any inclination into how often the individual will be performing certain tasks. Use the job posting as a way to really highlight which tasks are most important by outlining a typical workday for someone in this position.

This doesn’t have to be difficult to write, either. The position supervisor should have a good idea of what tasks the person will be responsible for completing and who they’ll be working alongside with and reporting to on a daily basis.

By being upfront and honest with candidates, you’re far more likely to get applications that are relevant to the job and experience.

2) Highlight your company’s values and culture

The pay, responsibilities, and experience are all important factors that go into a job posting. But, what’s arguably the most important for candidates is the company’s culture and their values.

There’s a plethora of research about how today’s candidates heavily factor in company culture when looking for a job and accepting an offer. Your job posting is your opportunity to be upfront with candidates about your company’s core values and mission.

3) Benefits and salary range

People spend a large chunk of their lives at work, so it’s only natural that they’re interested in your company’s benefits and salary.

Benefits include everything from saying you have a 401K, dental insurance, etc. to mentioning weekly happy hours, snacks, and monthly team lunches.

In your job description, you want to get candidates excited about the prospect of working there. When there are so many similar jobs open at so many different companies, one of the few ways that you can differentiate yourself from the first touchpoint is by listing the benefits and salary range.

Being upfront with candidates is one of the most important functions of a job description. The fact of the matter is, it’s a waste of everyone’s time if the job ends up not being a great fit for either party in the early stages of the interview process. Make sure you’re giving candidates all of the information they need before they apply by writing a quality job description!

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