3 projects recruiting coordinators can work on

Recruiting is one of the most rewarding jobs there is, but it isn’t always easy. Most entry-level recruiters start out as recruiting coordinators, who are in charge of the logistical aspects of recruiting. While spending 40-90% of your time scheduling probably isn’t the impact you’d like to make, there are plenty of projects recruiting coordinators can work on to move forward in their career and work in areas of interest.

Tired of scheduling? Here are 3 different projects recruiting coordinators can focus on:

1) Bringing data into recruiting

Recruiting coordinators have the unique opportunity to connect with both the candidate and the interviewers. Because they typically schedule all of the interviews, coordinate travel, and work closely with interviewers, more tenured recruiting coordinators have intimate knowledge about how many interviews it takes to close certain job reqs and can identify recurring bottlenecks within the hiring process.

If you’re a data person, leveraging your knowledge to track this information is a great way to open the conversation with your manager about different projects that will streamline the recruiting process. This is also a great way to bridge the gap into a recruiting operations role.

2) Creating hiring workshops

A really important aspect of the interview process is the candidate experience. As a recruiting coordinator, you’re a huge part of that. What better way to continue to improve the candidate experience than creating hiring workshops for your interviewers?

Hiring workshops can be anything from practicing interviewing skills to tips to decrease unconscious bias. The best part about being a recruiting coordinator is that your proximity to your interviewers and candidates enables you to know what skills would help improve your company’s interview process the best!

3) Strengthening employer branding

As a liaison between the candidate and the company (the interviewers), a recruiting coordinator typically understands what goes into the employer brand and how the company wants to be represented.

Employer branding is a huge aspect of landing preferred candidates. With tools like Glassdoor being so popular, the majority of applicants will research a company’s interview process before even hitting submit on their application.

If this is an area of interest, projects around inclusivity and defining your company’s message are some of the most important. Candidates increasingly want to work for a company that aligns with their personal values, and the projects recruiting coordinators can work on directly affect this.

Of course, none of these are a surefire guarantee that you’ll immediately be promoted (it depends, after all, on the available space and your performance during your day-to-day tasks) but working on projects is an important way for recruiting coordinators to get the exposure you need and move up in your career.

Despite this, it can be difficult to work in areas of interest if you’re spending so much of your time scheduling. There are plenty of schedulers out there, but few bring efficinecy and effectiveness into the complex world of interview scheduling like GoodTime.

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