Recruiting Tool Every Team Should Leverage

Like sales, recruiting typically focuses on the beginning of the pipeline and generating candidates for job openings. While this is one way to eventually find top talent, it isn’t the most effective way (nor is it a great use of time).

There’s no denying part of recruiting is selling your company to prospective candidates. The tools that you use in order to entice individuals to apply to your company are very important and directly affect the kind of talent you’ll bring into the company.

So what’s the one tool recruiting teams should leverage?

An Interview Logistics Platform Helps Recruiting Teams Nurture Candidates

An Interview Logistics Platform is different from any other technology in your hiring tech stack. While most pieces of tech focus on sourcing candidates or scheduling their interview, an ILP focuses on nurturing candidates throughout the process and marketing your organization.

How does it nurture candidates?

From the very first touchpoint, an ILP makes sure that your candidate is the primary focus of all interactions with your company. Even scheduling the first phone-screen is completely candidate-focused. This means that candidates are in the driver’s seat and schedule their own interview!

Additionally, all communications they get during scheduling and about their interview are fully branded with your company logo and images of your office or team. This gives your candidates a window into what your company will be like even before stepping foot in the office!

By automating these processes, this significantly frees up time for you and your team to give your candidates a better candidate experience. Instead of spending 6+ hours a day scheduling, you can use that time to interact with candidates and answer any questions that they have.

What about during the interview process?

An ILP also nurtures candidates throughout the interview process. Sales meetings are typically more tailored to the individual they’re pitching to, and the interview should be the same.

An ILP enables teams to schedule interviewers for interviews based on personal attributes. For example, if you’re interviewing a female engineer, you’d want to use the Nurdette tag to make sure that a female engineer is there during the interview process.

While who’s asking the questions should be tailored, the actual questions should be kept the same to keep unconscious bias out of the process. An ILP also has interview training as part of its platform, which makes sure that all interviewers are providing a 5-star experience to candidates.

What happens after the interview?

After the interview is a stressful time for candidates, and it’s important to give them an answer as soon as possible. The best way to streamline this process is by making sure that all interviewers fill out the interviewer scorecard post-interview.

An ILP helps make that easier by including a link to that in the interviewer calendar invite!

Every recruiting team should have a variety of tools at their disposal to make their job more effective for both their team and their candidates. While tools like LinkedIn and other candidate sourcing websites are helpful, it’s important to not forget about the candidate once they enter the funnel!

Leveraging an Interview Logistics Platform makes sure that you’ll be providing your candidates with the best experience from the very first touchpoint and beyond. See one in action by requesting a demo below!

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