On-Site Interviews Are Important!

As someone who’s worked abroad, I’ve had my fair share of virtual interviews. In fact, two out of the three jobs that I’ve had post-college were all interviewed virtually without on-site interviews.

Virtual interviews, while convenient, don’t necessarily lend themselves to evaluating everything you’d need to during the interview process. For me, personally, there were certainly surprises that I would’ve known about had I interviewed in person!

Here are 4 reasons why you need to require on-site interviews:

1) On-Site Interviews Evaluate Soft Skills

A recent Yoh study found that in the absence of a “perfect candidate” (spoiler alert: there are none), 75% of Americans would hire based on soft skills alone. Soft skills are traditionally seen as the things that “can’t be taught.” For example, the ability to collaborate, a positive attitude, problem-solving skills, etc.

While a virtual interview does technically let a candidate “meet” everyone, there’s no body language or real human interaction. This makes it especially hard to determine the soft skills that someone would bring to the table. It’s also difficult to see how they would fit with the rest of the team.

2) See the Work Environment

If you use GoodTime to schedule your interviews, you already know that you can include images of your office space on the candidate scheduling webpages. While this is certainly a taste of what the office looks like, it’s no substitute for actually experiencing it.

Part of an interview is the chance to show off your awesome office! An on-site interview lets you take full advantage of that.

3) See the Workflow

In that same vein, visiting the office enables candidates to really see what the job would actually be like. This includes seeing where they’d potentially sit, meeting team members that weren’t on the interview panel, and getting the chance to see the team’s workload.

These are also all wonderful opportunities for you, the interviewer, to see how they fit within the team and if they have the willingness (soft skills!) to complete the work.

4) On-Site Interviews Prevent Fraud & Miscommunication

While uncommon, there is the potential in a virtual interview to position one’s self as much better than they actually are. This goes for both the company and the candidate.

At the end of the day, a virtual interview is only one view into what the company is like and doesn’t enable the candidate or interviewer to have the full picture of the other. An on-site interview is the best way for both parties to really get to know one another and make sure the opportunity is a great fit.

On-site interviews are often difficult to schedule because of the large time commitment by both the candidate and the interviewers. Still, they’re critically important in the interview process. GoodTime enables our customers to easily find interviewer availability through our candidate-driven scheduling platform. Request a demo today!

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