Interview Logistics Platform 7 Reasons Why

Why You Need an Interview Logistics Platform in Your Hiring Tech Stack

In 2013, 34% of talent leaders around the globe reported that they are facing a significant talent shortage. In 2018, 45% of global employers reported that they’re still facing a talent shortage.

At the same time, the US unemployment rate has decreased from 5.6% to 3.9%. We are officially living in the world of candidate driven job market where the power of choice lies within candidates.

In response to such change happening in the industry, companies started focusing more on sourcing a larger pool of candidates. However, there has not been a lot of thought put into what happens once a candidate enters the hiring funnel. Many candidates leak through the funnel due to a long, drawn-out process that does not provide an amazing candidate experience. And interviewers themselves are now tired of endless interviews that do not yield high-quality hires. To combat such an industry-wide problem, a new category of product arose: an Interview Logistics Platform.

There are many reasons why you need one, and here are the top 7:

Improved Candidate Experience

Look back to the time you last interviewed for a job. A recruiter probably reached out to you on LinkedIn about an opportunity that may be a potential fit or you applied through a job board.

You don’t know much about the company but you’re really excited! You submitted your resume and a well-written cover letter. The recruiter wants to have a chat with you to tell you more about the company and the position. Your experience started first with a request to schedule an interview.

The first conversation with the recruiter was good which led to a request to schedule another interview with the hiring manager. The call with the hiring manager went well. That led to another request to schedule an onsite interview with a few more members of the team.

The onsite interview was rigorous but gave you a chance to learn more about the company culture. You got another request to schedule to chat with the hiring manager to chat about the offer. Then another request to schedule a call with the recruiter to negotiate the compensation and a sign-on bonus. The offer is in your inbox. Along with 2 other offers from similar companies.

What differentiates one offer from another depends on your experience with each potential employer. Was the scheduling easy? Did the interviewers seem engaged and come prepared? Was the process compact and efficient?

An Interview Logistics Platform can help make scheduling a completely painless process for candidates. Also the system makes it easy for recruiting teams to design a structured interview process with well-trained interviewers so every interview is meaningful.

Improved Interviewer Experience

Interviewers are often your top employees who not only help the company grow but also are often in charge of important projects or business-critical work. When it is at peak recruiting season, interviewers often find themselves conducting as many as 15 to 20 interviews per week. That means they are constantly switching hats between work, internal meetings, external meetings, management, and interviews which leads to significant loss in productivity. Eventually your interviewer will suffer from burnout.

An Interview Logistics Platform will allow interviewers to set personal preferences such as the frequency of interviews, time of the day to do interviews (i.e. whiteout times and blackout times), buffer time between meetings and interviews, and reminders. This allows interviewers to theme their days without having to switch between multiple hats, potentially performing poorly as an interviewer.

Consistent and Less Biased Hiring Results

The best way to hire quality candidates for a given job is to evaluate each candidate on consistent evaluation metrics. Designing a consistent interview process is difficult; however, it is even more challenging to enforce such a process if it is done manually with spreadsheets or a pen & paper. An Interview Logistics Platform makes it easy for a recruiting team to collaborate with hiring managers to design a consistent interview process that is structured to evaluate each candidate on consistent criteria.

Each process is saved into a template that can be applied consistently from one candidate to another. This allows the comparison between multiple candidates to be possible and minimizes the effective inherent biases that interviewers are subject to.

Saves Time for the Recruiting Team

The role of technology is to allow humans to do what humans do best, which is building and fostering relationships. The interview process is notoriously heavy in manual and administrative work that can potentially be automated through technology, freeing up time for recruiters. According to the 2017 study, compiled by the McKinsey Global Institute, “in about 60% of all occupation, at least one-third of the constituent activities could be automated”.

Handling the logistics of interviewer selection, scheduling interviews, and interview training take time away from the value add work of interacting with candidates. Interview Logistics Platform will help recruiting teams and candidates save time and free them from administrative tasks.

Intelligent Interviewer Selection

Laszlo Bock talks about the thinking process behind how Google built their interview process in his widely popular book, Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead. In the book, he said:

The goal of our interview process is to predict how candidates will perform once they join the team. We achieve that goal by doing what the science says: combining behavioral and situational structured interviews with assessments of cognitive ability, conscientiousness, and leadership.

Laszlo Bock

The most effective interview process is a structured one with clear attributes that interviewers know to test candidates on. That means interviewers must be identified by what they’re Subject Matter Experts on and if they’re qualified to test candidates on those topics. An Interview Logistics Platform can help peer-train interviewers on different types of interviews and select the right interviewers with the capability to test candidates on critical job attributes.

Visibility Into the Interview Process

In this candidate-driven market, talent leaders must optimize their hiring funnels to make sure that you are not losing your good candidates in the process. In order for talent leaders to optimize the process, they need data to validate that what they are doing is working and to continually improve their process. An Interview Logistics Platform can provide in-depth metrics and insights talent leaders need to reduce cost per hire, increase the quality of hire, decrease time to hire, and improve the candidate and interviewer experience.

AB Test Your Interview Panel

For recruiting teams that are super disciplined in their approach to talent acquisition, some advanced benefits that come with an Interview Logistics Platform are AB testing their interviewer panel.

You can create two interview templates each testing different attributes or using a different set of interviewers. By alternating interview templates when scheduling interviews, recruiting teams can test their hypothesis on better interview structures for higher offer acceptance rates or other bottom of the funnel metrics.

An Interview Logistics Platform has become a must-have in talent acquisition. In this competitive job market where candidates have multiple offers on the table, you have to differentiate yourself. Many industry leaders are looking beyond the top of the funnel and are starting to optimize the hiring process once the candidate is in the interview process. An Interview Logistics Platform approaches talent acquisition from the holistic view of improving the experience for all stakeholders, including candidates, interviewers, and recruiting teams.

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