Improve the Candidate Experience with GoodTime!

Improve the Candidate Experience with GoodTime’s Interview Logistics Platform

Improving the candidate experience is top-of-mind for nearly every hiring manager and recruiting coordinator. It’s one of the many aspects of an interview process that factors into whether a candidate will accept an offer or not.

Even if you don’t give them an offer, the power of social media and word-of-mouth can easily spread any negative experiences. Just one poor experience could affect the quality of hires at the company for months down the line!

Making sure the candidate feels in control and informed is essential to improving their few interactions with the company. Here are 5 ways the GoodTime platform focuses on improving the candidate experience:

1) Candidate-Driven Scheduling

First of all, interviewing is incredibly stressful, and candidates often feel like they have little to no control over the process. Empowering candidates is an effective way to create a two-way relationship with the candidate and improve their experience. For example, GoodTime automatically syncs with interviewers’ calendars and the company ATS. This allows the candidate to pick their own time as well as reschedule their own interviews. This negates the need for a stressful back-and-forth to find a time that works for both parties.

2) Time Zone Management

Candidates want to focus on interviews, learn about the company, and showcase their skills. The GoodTime platform handles all logistics, allowing the candidate to focus on the important things (like prepping for their interview!) without feeling anxious about issues like converting time zones.

When candidates schedule their interview through GoodTime, they can clearly see the interviewer’s availability already converted for them into their time zone. This makes them feel safe knowing it’s not subject to human error. Additionally, interviewers will consequently see the interview scheduled only during business hours in their own proper location and time zone.

This also means that recruiting coordinators are not bogged down by handling these logistics and are more available to answer any questions candidates may have throughout the interview process.

3) Employer Branding

New hires, especially entry-level candidates, can get just as excited about the company as the role. Employer branding is indispensable in generating excitement for candidates.

With GoodTime, employers can thoroughly brand their own version of the platform. This includes adding their company logo and custom background images to their scheduling pages.

A simple, brand-integrated interview flow also creates buy-in to the company’s process. The few interactions that candidates have with your company during the interview process is all the interaction they have and all they will remember before making their decision.

4) Pick Your Time, Anywhere

In this era of mobile technology, a candidates’ ability to navigate their interview process on the phone is a necessity. GoodTime is accessible to candidates any time, anywhere–and this includes a mobile-friendly scheduling interface and email confirmations.

Candidates are able to easily select times for remote and onsite interviews straight from their phone!

5) Meeting with the Right Interviewers

Ultimately, how a candidate feels about recruiting boils down to their interview experience.

The more engaging the process, the better! The GoodTime platform connects candidates with interviewers of the same background and designs an inclusive interview process.

In GoodTime, interviewers can be tagged with their background and interests. For example, Airbnb uses GoodTime to apply a “Nerdette” tag for their female engineering interviewers, so female engineering candidates can get matched with a similar interviewer. This makes any conversations about the female engineering experience much more natural and comfortable.

The experience that a company crafts for its candidates is critical to a company’s future success. GoodTime allows companies to create an effortless world-class candidate experience, removing human error and manual logistics from the equation. With GoodTime, candidates and interviewers alike feel more empowered, at ease, and able to concentrate on the interview itself rather than the process.

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About the Author:

Christine is a Full-Stack Engineer at GoodTime. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, scuba diving, watching reruns of The Office, and serenading her cat Willis.

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