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What do candidates think of your interview process?

At GoodTime, we want to make interviews effective for everyone. This includes every aspect of the interview process: from the initial phone screen to offering the candidate the job.

Part of our process of making interviews effective includes the feedback that we get from our customers. We get a ton of it (thank you!) which has resulted in the building of 200+ custom features in 2018 alone.

As much as we love our customer feedback, we simply can’t build everything that everyone asks for. We have to stay aligned to our North Star: making interviews effective for everyone!

We do that by making the best interview experience for candidates, interviewers, and recruiting teams. Everyone involved in the hiring process should have a great and seamless experience.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. No matter where you’re at in the process (or what your role is), there are two distinct experiences that you can have: a 1-star and 5-star.

Let’s take a look:

⭐️ (1-Star Interview)

The experience that no one wants to have but is often faced with, the hallmark of a 1-star interview is the lack of communication and wasted time.

A 1-star interview experience means your candidate has to follow-up with their recruiter multiple times, sometimes waiting two weeks to finally get a response. When they finally get one, however, there’s a ton of back-and-forth as both of you try and find a date and time that you’re both available for an interview.

Finally! You’ve selected your date, but you’ve gotten limited information about your interview structure. Basically, you know where to go and at what time, but have no idea who you’ll be speaking to.

You keep emailing your recruiter to get more information about your interviewers and if you need to prepare anything, etc…but there’s a limited response. On the long-awaited big day, you arrive, and the interviewers you were told you were meeting with are completely different, and all the research and planning you’ve done is thrown out the window. It’s time to improvise!

Luckily (or unluckily?) your interviewers are in the same boat and are reading your resume in front of you in the middle of the interview. It’s clear at least one of them was pulled in last minute and probably doesn’t know what position you’re interviewing for.

Finally, the first group of interviewers leaves and lets you know someone else will be stopping in shortly. Unfortunately, there seems to be a gap in communication. You sit in the room, alone, for what feels like an eternity and watch people walk by without being checked on.

Clearly they have forgotten about you.

When you finally track down the recruiter and ask if the interview is done (it’s not), they scramble to track down the person who was supposed to meet with you next. After they realize this mess, they let you know the last person who you were supposed to meet with was actually traveling today and won’t be able to make it – so the interview is over.

What an awful candidate experience and interview process, you might think. Even though you don’t want to work here at all, you still want to follow-up and thank everyone who interviewed you.

But! You don’t have their email addresses, so there goes your way of contacting them. Unless you happen to get lucky and your recruiter replies to your email with them in a timely manner.

After this terrible experience, even if you get an amazing offer, you have no desire to join this company and feel like you just wasted weeks of your time.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5-Star Interview)

If the worst interviews are categorized by a lack of communication and wasted time, then it makes sense that the best ones are the opposite! However, it’s not just continued communication. It’s the quality of the touchpoints and the way that you market your business through your hiring process. For example:

A 5-star interview process means that right at the first touchpoint, you, the candidate, are greeted by the recruiter in a personalized email saying they are excited to bring you onsite.

This invite would have videos or images about the office and the company culture, along with an easy-to-use system for scheduling your own interview.

After all, the back-and-forth of finding availability is exhausting and what takes up the most time. Being in the driver seat as the candidate is a welcome change!

After you select your availability, your interview is confirmed immediately. But oh no! You accidentally picked a time that doesn’t work for you.

No worries. In a 5-star interview experience, you’ll be able to use the same system you used to schedule your interview to easily reschedule!

After you’ve picked your interview time and date, you’ll get a calendar invite for your interview. In it, you’ll see the exact schedule broken down showing you who you are speaking with, their emails, and their LinkedIn profiles.

You’re pretty excited! You can see the people you’ll be interviewing with, their experience, and, best of all, know exactly how your interview will be conducted.

Best of all, the day before your scheduled interview you get an email notification reminding you about the time and giving you the location. You feel infinitely more prepared knowing who you’re meeting with and exactly where you’ll be meeting them!

GoodTime is passionate about making interviews effective and improving the interview process and candidate experience because we put ourselves in the shoes of candidates and interviewers.

All of us have not only used GoodTime during our interview process, but we’ve also experienced our fair share of 1-star and 5-star interviews– and we know exactly what that’s like.

That’s why we always ask ourselves: what would be the best experience for everyone involved? How can we enable both parties to be excited to meet and create the best interview experience possible?

If you’re ready to provide your candidates the experience they deserve, schedule a demo today!

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