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When Ahryun Moon, Jasper Sone, and Peter Lee created Etch Mobile, they sought to fill a gap in technology: how can individuals complete many tasks at once through a single screen?

They continued their mission through founding, the Interview Logistics Platform that helps recruiters, interviewers, hiring managers, and more add value to their positions and take back their time to focus on different projects outside of interviewing.

Since the company’s founding, GoodTime has eliminated manual scheduling, reduced the time needed to schedule and coordinate the interview process (leaving more time to focus on improving the candidate experience), and raised the bar on data and interview training.

Our founders created software that coordinates all aspects of the interview process into one convenient platform!

Our Interview Logistics Platform’s Mission

As an Interview Logistics Platform, GoodTime’s mission is to make every single meeting for a company effective. Our goal is to place the right people in the right place at the right time.

Ahryun, Jasper, and Peter consulted with numerous recruiting members when they were creating GoodTime, and they heard one recurring commonality: it takes too long to schedule interviews.

Empowered by these conversations, they built GoodTime. And, by 2017/18, the interview scheduling process was completely automated. But the GoodTime team soon realized that scheduling interviews quickly is only a symptom of a greater problem.

From conversations with customers and other leaders in the talent space, we learned that not a single individual could confidentially say yes to this simple question: is your interviewing process effective at hiring the right candidates for your roles and company values?

At this point, we knew we were ready to expand our software, and took the next step to reach our mission.

We want to make interviews effective, an audacious goal that no one thinks is possible.

Our Customers

The Problem

Interviews are incredibly antiquated and everyone hates them.

The process is largely the same as it was 50 years ago, despite the fact that we have amazing technology and social networks that allow candidates to interact with companies, AI to help screen resumes (although that tends to lead to other problems in diversity), and even have two-sided marketplaces like Hired and Planted using technology to match the right people through data.

But as soon as a candidate has the first touchpoint with a recruiter or recruiting coordinator… it’s like we’ve stepped back in time. Through the back-and-forth of scheduling a time, to the same questions candidates get asked over and over, and to an interview panel that continuously gets longer and longer as more people are involved in the process… interviewing has become less effective and notorious in not selecting the right candidates for the role.

With TA teams growing to accommodate ambitious hiring goals, technology is the key to assist in getting these candidates in fast.

This is where GoodTime’s Interview Logistics Platform comes in to make the process effective.

Our Solution

It’s not possible (or smart) to eliminate interviews altogether, so GoodTime helps make them more effective.

Our platform integrates with numerous ATS and calendars. This syncs candidate information between platforms and gives recruiting members real-time visibility into the scheduling process.

We also continuously update our software and add features requested by our customers. In the second half of 2018, we launched our interview training solution to help recruiting teams scale training across their entire organization. And, in 2019, we are investing heavily into the major pillars of an Interview Logistics Platform:

Interviewer Selection

Interviewers each have their own strengths and weaknesses. An Interview Logistics Platform like GoodTime keeps track and matches them to candidates.

Skills and attributes include availability, seniority, location, company values, skills, where they went to school, and more.

All of this data is used to customize your interview panel to maximize the candidate experience and ensure you hire the right person.

Data & Analytics

We already capture so much data on the interview process. This includes which interviewers cancel and how much lead time they give, interviewer load, hiring rate, etc. We’re currently building out more automated reports that we’ve been previously manually pulling for a lot of our customers. This is in conjunction with real-time dashboards that provide talent leaders with the insights they need to improve their key metrics.

Interview Training

Interview training enables hiring teams to expand their interviewer pool and more easily load balance.

We’re expanding this product further to help companies of all sizes make sure that they are putting interviewers in front of candidates that have been properly certified. This ensures that the right people are being hired!

Interview Scheduling and Experience

Even though we’re an Interview Logistics Platform, we’re still continuing to improve our automated interview scheduler! This includes more employer branding, feedback forms, and additional feature requests we’ll be announcing soon!

Make the Impossible Happen

GoodTime’s Interview Logistics Platform is focused on doing the “impossible”: making interviews effective. Check out the hiring software that’s empowering recruiting teams by scheduling a demo below!

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