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According to ManpowerGroup Solutions’ latest Talent Shortage Survey, 44% of global employers have difficulties filling open positions.

In response, many employers focused on bringing in as many candidates through the door as possible. This had an unintended consequence: while a new wave of CRM products helped recruiting teams source passive candidates, there was little to no software to help teams nurture these candidates throughout the interview process.

This is where an Interview Logistics Platform (ILP) came in. An ILP works with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and any other tools within your standard recruiting tech stack, to run the interview process once the candidate enters it.

An Interview Logistics Platform (ILP) coordinates all aspects of the interview process to help make your interviews effective. This is achieved by keeping control of the interview within one platform, which streamlines the entire process. This holds true for everyone involved: your candidates, interviewers, recruiting team, and more.

To break it down even further, an Interview Logistics Platform focuses on four main pillars: interview training, interviewer selection, interview scheduling & experience, and interview metrics.

Interviewer Training

The most impactful part of the candidate experience is their interactions with their interviewers. The conversations they have determines whether someone will accept or decline an offer. For this reason, training your interviewers is critical. Your training will control the candidates’ experience.

First, you must be careful and strategic when you choose your interviewers. You have to be sure they’ll evaluating candidates for the company’s core competencies. The best way to do this is through data-driven interviewer selection, which an ILP like GoodTime does as its core offering. It may seem like something small but greatly improves the candidate experience.

Interview Scheduling & Experience

No one likes an endless email thread with a recruiter to negotiate a date and time for an interview. Candidates are no exception. They hate it as much, if not more, as your recruiters and coordinators! When you can schedule efficiently and negate any back-and-forth, your candidate has a great first impression. It also saves precious time for everyone.

Interview Metrics

No interview process is perfect. Data and insights are the only way to do so. Applicant tracking systems usually lack interview related data, which an ILP fills the gap for. Data an ILP can provide includes: interview cancellations, interview load balancing, lead time, and more.

An Interview Logistics Platform & ATS

While an Interview Logistics Platform can work on its own, it’s best utilized with your ATS. They both handle necessary tasks about your hiring process. An Interview Logistics Platform handles interviewer selection, training, and scheduling, while your ATS provides important candidate information. This integration is seamless, and the information is auto-imported into both systems.

For example, when you’d like to interview or contact a candidate, a member of your team can easily click and create an interviewer panel customized for this candidate and schedule an interview in the ILP. Whether it’s a simple phone interview, an onsite, or has multiple interviewers doesn’t matter. Any type of presentation, meeting, onsite, etc is easily scheduled through the Interview Logistics Platform.

Additionally, the Interview Logistics Platform interfaces with the candidate to schedule and confirm an interview. Once scheduled, and confirmed, the information is sent to the Applicant Tracking System.

As the job market becomes more competitive, a modern recruiting team cannot simply keep track of everything with one system or by hand. Interview Logistics Platform is a system of engagement that handles the logistics of interviews and their stakeholders (candidates, interviewers, and recruiting team). An applicant tracking system is a great system to track the status of each candidate through your funnel; however, it is not created to focus on the stakeholder engagement through the interview process. Interview Logistics Platform in combination with an Applicant Tracking System can equip modern hiring team to keep their interview process tight so you don’t have a leaky candidate pipeline while maintaining positive interviewer experience.

The world has changed and we are forced to think differently to win the war for better talent. What Interview Logistics Platform can help recruiting teams do is to define what competencies “right talent” must possess for each job requisition, train new interviewers to evaluate candidates on those competencies, select the best interviewer for a given candidate, schedule interviews in the most efficient manner, and provide insightful metrics for constant process improvement. That in combination with an ATS will help you scale your hiring process and introduce much-needed structure/standardization that will be the basis for a successful hiring process.

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