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How to Confidently Interview Candidates

What do you feel when you walk into an interview? Nervous? Jaded? Some self-doubt?

As a candidate, we’re all familiar with the gut-wrenching fear that interviews can bring. But only candidates, not interviewers, feel that way….right?

The truth is, many interviewers are prone to experiencing the same emotions. I’m an interviewer myself. The first time I ever interviewed someone was as a last-minute cover for a sick coworker. Without that time to prep, I really didn’t know what to do when the candidate walked into the interview.

I had no idea what questions to ask and I didn’t have enough time to skim their resume, let alone read it. I couldn’t thoughtfully hone in on their past experiences or the career trajectory and it related to the role. At the end of the interview, I wondered what they were thinking. We honestly didn’t have much in common, so our conversation stuck to the role. Unfortunately, that meant that my questions likely repeated an earlier interviewer’s.

I was afraid that I could even play a role in the candidate ultimately declining the offer to join my company and team.

Gain Confidence with the Right Resources

Ideally, every member of a company has the resources to succeed in their responsibilities.

Interviewing is no exception.

Interviewing with no sense what an effective interview looks like is very difficult for both the interviewer and candidate. An ineffective interview can also lead to a poor candidate experience. As an interviewer, I have to know what to look for in the candidate and evaluate against the needs of that particular role, as well as of my team.

GoodTime’s Interview Training platform brings to focus where interviewers are in their path to becoming a ramped up interviewer.  The rigor of the training is fully customizable by the recruiting team, which includes interview shadowing, reverse shadowing, and, finally, certification!

An example of how GoodTime’s Interview Training can be structured.

During my training, I shadowed seasoned interviewers multiple times and then, when comfortable, reverse shadowed twice while a seasoned interviewer supported me. After each step of the training process, I got great feedback about my questions and interactions with the candidate.

My piano teacher was right: practice does make perfect. Having practice conducting interviews with a seasoned interviewer and then receiving constructive feedback inevitably gives me confidence with interviewing candidates.

Reduce Context Switching

Back-to-back meetings will leave anyone frazzled by the end of it. Between context switching, keeping track of time so you’re not late for the next one, and a lack of time to prep, it’s certainly one of my least favorite things and I dread when I have days like that.

With GoodTime, however, I can rest assured that my recruiting team will take into account my preferences. Let’s take my preferred interviewer hours, for example. I like to interview between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm. My early morning hours are for prepping and planning, to be honest, my brain is fried after 4.

Even if my recruiting coordinator goes on sabbatical, I know that any other recruiting coordinator who fills in for her knows my preferred hours, because they are already set up in the GoodTime settings.

In addition, GoodTime takes into account load balancing and meeting buffers. GoodTime’s load balancing is the number of interviews that I’ll do in a day and per week, and the system doesn’t let the recruiting team schedule more than that (unless they check with me first)! Meeting buffers are great, too, because they make sure nothing is scheduled without some time for me to prep first.

With these settings, I don’t have to worry that I’m doing significantly more or fewer interviews than my peers, and my interviews won’t be sandwiched in-between different meetings, cutting down on context switching.

With the extra time to prep and not having to constantly run from meeting to meeting, I’m able to have more productive conversations with my candidate to effectively evaluate him or her, not to mention, I get to be more of myself during the interview!

Intelligent Interviewer Matching

Interviews are effective when candidates are fairly evaluated based on their skills and alignment with the company’s core values. This only really happens when the interviewing team and the candidate are a fit for one another, which GoodTime facilitates through Intelligent Interviewer Matching.

Essentially, candidates and interviewers are matched through an interviewer’s tagged attributes. These include their skill sets and what interviews they’re certified for (remember Interview Training?).

As an interviewer, I care about the candidate’s work experience, skills and aptitude, as well culture fit. Knowing that I’m chosen to interview for a reason (and not just because my schedule was free) leads to a more fruitful and fun conversation!

Bad interviews do happen from time to time, but their frequency can be mitigated. An all-in-one interview logistics platform will set interviewers up for more effective interviews through interviewer training and excellent execution of interview coordination, and intelligent interviewer matching. This will help your interviewers cultivate the confidence they need to impact their team and build their company.

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About the Author:

Hey! I’m Valerie, a Customer Success Manager here at GoodTime. A Bay Area native, I love music, hiking, traveling to new places, and trying out new restaurants.
When I’m not interviewing candidates, you may find me with friends over a matcha latte, boba, or wine. 🙂

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