Diversity and Inclusion are Important-- You Need Both!

How to Drive Diversity & Inclusion

Creating a positive experience for everyone at your company is always top of mind. It’s part of why diversity and inclusion are so important: a work environment that isn’t accepting of everyone is unacceptable.

Despite the agreement, diversity and inclusion are buzzwords that are often used interchangeably even though they mean very different things.

Diversity, on a basic level, is the “who and what.” Inclusion, however, is the environment that makes individuals of different backgrounds and cultures feel welcome.

The benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace are well-known, but how can you facilitate this through your hiring?

Job Description & Posting

Inclusivity and diversity start all the way from the job posting that you create. What you write and where you post it has more meaning than you may realize.

Diversity: Where are you posting your job postings? While sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, for example, are great ways to get your position out there, there are many, many more avenues to get a more diverse candidate pool. For more tips, read here.

Inclusion: What language are you using? There are many different words that tend to skew more subtly masculine or feminine, and you should be careful using too many of one or the other. These include words you might not even think about, such as “hacker,” “rockstar,” or “ninja.”

Additional words that can potentially turn-off candidates: superlatives. While it’s true you’re looking for someone who’s “best-in-class” and the best fit for your organization, overly stressing that through your writing has the potential to make female candidates in particular feel under qualified.

Your Interview Panel

Diverse interview panels are a must for both diversity and inclusivity. They can make candidates feel comfortable about the idea of working at your organization.

In fact, some say they might be the key itself to workplace diversity and inclusion.

Diversity: While you can certainly do this manually, it’s much easier (and more streamlined) to use a platform that will do this for you. GoodTime, for example, enables you to tag certified interviewers based on specified characteristics and create intelligent interview panels so you don’t have to. Having a wide variety of individuals with different backgrounds on a single panel helps to prevent unconscious bias!

Inclusion: An interview panel is a candidate’s first experience with your company’s values. Seeing a diverse interview panel is one of the first steps to driving an inclusive workforce. Not to mention, seeing someone from the same cultural background as you makes for a more comfortable interview!

From the job posting to interview process, it’s important to keep both diversity and inclusion top-of-mind. Whether you’re doing it manually or through an Interview Logistics Platform like GoodTime, making your candidates feel welcome is a key part of your organization’s future success!

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