Interview Logistics Platform

An Interview Logistics Platform (ILP) automates the management and coordination aspects of job interviews. Essentially, this means that whatever doesn’t require a human touch during the recruitment process is taken care of by an ILP. This frees up significant time for Recruiting Coordinators (RCs), interviewers, and really anyone who’s a part of the interview process.

An Interview Logistics Platform is very different from an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or CRM. Check out 5 ways to use one to optimize your time:

1) Interviewer Load Balancing

Even if you have a “favorite” interviewer or someone that you think is the most qualified for certain types of interviews, it’s important to make sure that the same people aren’t the only ones conducting interviews. After all, they have their own work to complete!

You don’t have to whip out your notebook or keep track of someone’s preferences manually. An Interview Logistics Platform can be customized for each interviewer with both load balancing and their preferences.

For example, if an engineer only wants to conduct two interviews a week, and only one per day, and they can only be in the mornings, you can input and save these settings for the individual and the system will remember and will never schedule anything in the afternoon, more than two interviews a week, and never more than one per day.

An Interview Logistics Platform enables you to keep your interviewers happy and not overworked without adding additional tasks to your already full plate.

2) AI Scheduling

While there are a plethora of basic scheduling tools (Calendly is one such example), they, at most, find small gaps between an already packed schedule and place a candidate slot there.

An Interview Logistics Platform, however, uses machine learning to predict hard & soft conflicts so there’s even greater availability for interviews.

For example, any events titled “Hold,” “Dog Walking,” or even “1:1” will be recognized as events that can potentially be scheduled over. Things titled “OOO” or “PTO,” however, won’t be, as those are hard conflicts.

Teams aren’t only constrained to these keywords. Keywords can be added or taken away depending on the terminology that the company uses.

With AI, you no longer have to comb through individual schedules and assume what might be a soft conflict that you can schedule over. ILPs take the guesswork out of scheduling!

3) Diversity Hiring

Diverse hiring panels bring diverse candidates and a diverse workforce.

A diverse workforce, according to Chron, has been found to be more innovative and have higher productivity.

Instead of keeping track of who will be interviewing on your own, an Interview Logistics Platform does that for you. Like with scheduling, the ILP intelligently generates diverse interview panels.

For example, if a female Account Executive is being interviewed, the ILP will make sure that at least one of the interviewers that she speaks with is female.

Interview Logistics Platforms ensure that minority candidates feel better represented within the company, and also allows for more represented decision making.

4) Reporting Metrics

Feel like you’re bringing in lots of candidates but struggling to fill positions? An Interview Logistics Platform will generate a report that tells you not only how many interviews each interviewer is conducting, but also how many they cancel and how much notice they give before doing so.

This helps you not only determine who isn’t pulling their weight, but it also gives you the information to determine where bottlenecks might be occurring or enable you to evaluate cost-per-hire.

Not many platforms have reporting metrics built right into their system, which is a detriment to hiring managers who need data to help improve their interview process. An ILP arms you with the numbers you need to make informed decisions about your process.

5) Candidate-Driven Interviews

Most interviewers are begrudgingly accustomed to the back-and-forth that ensues when scheduling an interview with a candidate. It doesn’t have to be that way!

With an Interview Logistics Platform, the scheduling power, so to speak, is in the hands of the candidate themselves. It might feel weird giving candidates the driver’s seat when it comes to their own interviews, but this cuts down on significant back-and-forth and creates a better, more positive first impression of your company.

Candidate-driven scheduling works like this: when you want to schedule an interview, your candidate will receive a link prompting them to pick a few days that they’re available. The catch is, the days they’re choosing from are linked to your calendar, meaning they can only choose times where your calendar is available!

Once the candidate picks their time, you have the option to either accept or propose a new time. Many interviewers enjoy having it automatically schedule, however. This entire process takes the scheduling process from hours down to minutes.

When things like the experience and speed that candidates had with your interview process become key differentiators, it’s time to invest in something that will give them that world-class experience you want your company to be known for!

An Interview Logistics Platform is one part scheduler, one part interview panel creator, and all parts “make-your-life-easier.” Whether you’re looking to double your current staff or fill a few roles, an ILP is there to take the burden off so you can focus on work outside of calendar Tetris.

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