Interview Logistics Platforms

An interview logistics platform (ILP) is an integral tool for any Talent Acquisition team. From scheduling to reporting, an ILP automates the aspects of a recruiting job that don’t require a human touch.

Why an Interview Logistics Platform?

Whether you’re a recruiting coordinator, hiring manager, or interviewer, Interview Logistics Platforms are there to help you perform to your highest potential with minimal effort. Whether it’s scheduling, finding the interviewer “best fit,” keeping maximum control of a multi-interview process, or more, an ILP is a comprehensive tool that does all of that for you.

Improve Your Focus

ILPs help you focus your time on what really matters: creating effective interactions with candidates.

If you took a step back and calculated all the hours you spend in a day emailing candidates back and forth in an attempt to schedule an interview, you’d likely feel discouraged. All of this back and forth is lost time that could be spent fulfilling other tasks and meeting with candidates. It’s a lot of missed potential.

Additionally, Interview Logistics Platforms help you focus on the candidates that require a more tailored approach. For example, automating phone screens ensures that you have the time to hand-pick the interviewers that you’d think would be a “best fit” for a high-level onsite interview.

Because ILPs leverage machine learning, the more interviews you schedule, the more it will be able to predict who would best work for a particular type of interview. This frees up even more time!

A Quicker, More Effective Interview Process

When it, on average, takes a month to hire a candidate, you’re competing with multiple companies for the same talent pool. While slow and steady might be great advice for other jobs, it’s not for the fast-paced hiring environment.

The more efficient and effective your interview process is, the easier it is to stay ahead of the pack and nab top talent. ILPs like GoodTime have, on average, cut down the hiring process by a week!

Save Money

Investing in tools to bring in top talent not only improve the workforce, it also saves money.

Candidates who are a true fit in both skills and culture want to stay and continue working. Investing in a great ILP pays off with lower turnover and higher employee engagement.

How LiveRamp finds the best candidates.

The GoodTime Effect

Whether you’re a recruiting coordinator, hiring manager, interviewer, or candidate, GoodTime’s ILP has the potential to add value to your hiring experience.

This includes: shortening the amount of time necessary from first interview to offer, automated scheduling, diversified interview panels (and hiring), and candidate-driven scheduling.

At the end of the day, Interview Logistics Platforms are your single solution to find and hire top talent.

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