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The world is becoming more and more automated. In the era of self-driving cars and same-day shipping, automated interview scheduling should be a no-brainer. With thousands of interviews to schedule, recruiters can really take advantage of scheduling technologies to help free up their precious time so they can connect with candidates and build meaningful relationships with them.

There are a plethora of interview scheduling technologies, but not all of them will create the high-quality candidate experience you want to express. One such technology is a chatbot. Chatbots automate scheduling by mimicking human interaction through emails or SMS. A recruiter or a recruiting coordinator would CC the bot on their email communication to the candidate or by triggering an action in the ATS. The bot would then correspond with the candidate and exchange multiple emails to negotiate a time for the interview.

Below are actual emails I’ve exchanged with a bot:

Sent: 8:14pm Mon Aug 1

Hi Jake,

Happy to get something on Ernesto’s calendar.

Does Friday, Aug 5 at 9:00 AM PDT work? Alternatively, Ernesto is available Friday, Aug 5 at 3:00 PM PDT or Monday, Aug 8 at 2:00 PM.

What’s the best number for Ernesto to call?


Sent: 12:14am Tue Aug 2

Hello Jake,

Checking in to see if you saw my last email. Happy to schedule an interview with Ernesto.


Sent: 7:51am Tue Aug 2

Hello Andrew,

I’m sorry I’m not available this week. Any time next week?


Ahryun Moon

Sent: 9:13am Tue Aug 2

Hello Jake,

No problems! Ernesto has no availability next week. Does Monday, Aug 22 at 9:00 AM PDT work? Alternatively, Ernesto is available Tuesday, Aug 23 at 1:00 PM PDT or Wednesday, Aug 24 at 5:00 PM.



Sent: 1:15pm Tue Aug 2

Hello Jake,

Checking in to see if you saw my last email. Happy to schedule an interview with Ernesto.



Many more emails were exchanged, resulting in an interaction that dragged out over two days. While the candidate knew that he was exchanging emails with a chatbot, it was still a frustrating and lengthy process.

In today’s candidate-driven job market, taking two days to schedule a preliminary phone interview is just too much time wasted. In the above, Jake was an in-demand candidate who graduated from U of M Urbana Champaign with a computer science degree. LIke many candidates, he worked at some of the tech darlings in Silicon Valley. At the time of scheduling, he was interviewing at 5 different places.

While the recruiter gained efficiency and saved her time, Jake, the candidate, gained nothing in the process, except for a frustrating and lengthy experience.

GoodTime is the antithesis of a chatbot. GoodTIme uses self-scheduling technology, putting the scheduling power into the hands of the candidate. Candidates pick a few times that work on their end based on their interviewers’ availability. The self-scheduling technology does the heavy lifting, instead of the candidate.

On the backend, GoodTime’s tech calculates the real-time availability of the interviewer(s), taking into consideration interview panels, business logistics, interview load per interviewer, interviewer preferences, and more. Then, it displays the real-time availability to the candidate in a mobile-friendly view in the candidate’s time zone.

From there, the candidate picks a date and time that works for them in just a few clicks. This not only saves the recruiters’ time, it also saves the candidates’ time. This efficiency also drastically improves the candidate experience.

Going back to our previous, real-life example, when Jake received a flood of emails from his prospective employers asking for his availability for the interview, his GoodTime interview invitation stood out. Scheduling an interview in only one interaction stood out to him and created a great first impression that the employer cares about the candidate experience.

GoodTime’s interview scheduling technology decreases the average time to schedule from 48 hours to 4 hours. As a recruiter, you can confirm an interview time on the candidate’s calendar 12X faster than your competitor!

Busy, constantly changing schedule? GoodTime leverages machine learning to better understand people’s busy calendars. This includes picking up on soft conflicts, like 1:1s, that could be scheduled over.

Learn more about our additional features here

Some may argue that self-scheduling technology may seem less personal. However, candidates’ reactions to GoodTime’s self-scheduling technology proves otherwise:

Pros of a chatbot compared to a self-scheduling technology

  1. Efficiency for recruiters

Cons of a chatbot compared to a self-scheduling technology

  1. No efficiency gains for candidates and can be frustrating for candidates due to multiple email exchanges
  2. Recruiters do not have control over the email contents sent by the chatbot. The contents may seem very off-putting and impersonal
  3. Some chatbots are human-assisted and may take hours for them to be processed
  4. Doesn’t work very well with complex interview use cases such as an onsite interview with multiple interviewers

Pros of a self-scheduling technology compared to a chatbot

  1. Efficiency for recruiters as well as candidates
  2. Works well with complex interview situations as well
  3. Candidates can schedule and reschedule on their own without having to interact with a recruiter or a chatbot
  4. Recruiters have full control over the email contents that are sent out along with the interview invitation
  5. Employer branding opportunity through the immersive interview invitations

Cons of a self-scheduling technology compared to a chatbot

  1. More familiar interactions on the recruiters’ side as they can CC an email on an email communication