HR Software GoodTime

Finding a great HR software is great until you realize you need to make someone who doesn’t understand the daily pains of your job as equally excited about it as you are!

Getting executive buy-in is difficult. That’s why you need to prepare appropriately for these three most common objections:

1) “This is too expensive!”

Budgets continue to shrink and hr software continues to get more expensive. Right from the get-go, you need to make it clear to your executive why the features are worth the cost.

Maybe it is actually a very expensive software, but it’s expensive because it has certain features that will enable you to reach the company’s desired goals at a lower cost. By putting in that research ahead your meeting with the executive, you show them that you’ve not only put a lot of thought behind your request, you’ve also done your research.

2) “Can’t you just do it how it’s always been done?”

Sure, you can continue to fill notebooks with notes about peoples’ schedules and their preferences, conflicts, PTOs, events they can schedule over…the list goes on and on. With this objection, the onus is on you to prove to the executive that just because the work has been getting done in the previous way doesn’t mean that it’s how you would like it to continue.

To answer this objection, it’s important to contact the hr software company and ask them if they can provide you facts and figures relating to cost savings, productivity, or greater hiring potential.

Statistics are cold hard facts that really can’t be influenced by even your bias towards the hr software. For that reason, it’ll be harder for your executive to refute the product when they can see in front of them how much time and money they’ll be able to get back through implementation.

3) “Just send me some information and I’ll take a look when I have time.”

While this might sound like a win for you, it’s actually a common sales objection and means that they’ll most likely never take a look at the materials that you send them.

It’s important to continue the current conversation without coming off as too pushy. This includes scheduling follow-up discussions with the executive and creating short, additional documentation proving the value of the hr software that you want to purchase.

In this case especially, you need to don your “salesperson” hat in order to get them to see the value in what you’d like to implement.

It’s always difficult to get someone who isn’t in the trenches, so to speak, to feel the same level of buy-in and excitement about a product that you know will increase your productivity and give your team some breathing room. By prepping for these common objections, you’ll prove to your executive that you not only did the appropriate research, but you also have the organization’s best interests in mind! Hopefully, in the future, you’ll receive less opposition.

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