Recruiting Technology GoodTime 2019

Recruiting (and the recruiting technology teams use) is the backbone of any organization. It’s critical to hire the right people– and in today’s candidate-focused environment, that can be difficult.

As we ramp up into 2019, we’ve aggregated the top recruiting technology your team should be using to find top talent.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

1. Greenhouse

Like most ATS users, you’re going to want to add additional functionality. Luckily, Greenhouse is designed for exactly that. With its ever-growing list of third party integrations, you won’t have to worry about migrating to a new tool as you and your team scale.

Additionally, there is a relatively short learning curve when it comes to implementation. This is especially important for time-strapped recruitment teams. Their easy-to-use interface, seamless integrations, and built-in collaboration tools make it a top choice for recruiting teams.

2. SmartRecruiters

It’s no secret that it’s currently a candidate’s job market. This means that teams not only need to make decisions about candidates quickly, they also have to allocate focus to creating a great experience for them.

SmartRecruiters is an ATS that does just that: focus on the candidate experience. From branding the candidate portal to enabling candidates to real-time track their application’s progress, SmartRecruiters has the user experience at the forefront of their design.

Another cool feature: have a question? Applicants can quickly message their hiring manager directly through the portal.

3. Lever

If you’re looking for a complete hiring profile of a candidate, Lever is the ATS for you. Their sourcing tools enable you to not only find the elusive “perfect candidate” for the job, they also give you a complete profile of a potential interviewee. This includes information such as past positions, name, contact information, and more on the same screen.

Additionally, Lever helps you grow your talent database so you’re never without enough candidates to interview for a position.

Sourcing/Job Aggregators

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often the mecca for job postings, professional discussions, and recruitment. Whether it’s posting in a group or sending private messages to potential talent, LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with individuals all over the world.

2. Hired

A little more detailed and job-specific than LinkedIn is Hired. Hired is a candidate marketplace where recruiters can source for individuals who are qualified for technical and sales positions.

The candidates found on Hired are users who’ve already performed various assessments to test their skills. This means that hiring teams are able to already see strengths and weaknesses before even beginning the interview process.  

Testing & Assessments

1. CoderPad

It’s critically important to know where your candidates stand when it comes to skills, and code is no exception. Luckily, there are tools like CoderPad to make sure you know exactly where your candidates rank.

CoderPad enables candidates and interviewers to collaboratively edit and run code in a browser during programming phone screen interviews. This enables candidates to accurately display their skills during an interview.

2. HackerRank

Another great tool for assessing coding is HackerRank. HackerRank has 35+ programming languages in their library for you to choose from, plus the option to customize your own.

This not only saves time creating tests, it, like CoderPad, allows candidates to code in real-time during their interview. This is achieved through an integration with CodePair.

Interview Logistics

1. GoodTime

From scheduling to generating interview panels to automating interviewer training, GoodTime is a cohesive platform designed to make your interview process more effective and efficient.

The first experience that candidates have with your company builds the basis for whether they’d accept an offer or not. From the get-go, GoodTime’s fully branded, customizable interface ensures that all candidates and team members have a consistent, easy-to-use experience with the your company.

Additionally, GoodTime intelligently generates diverse interview panels. This ensures that minority candidates feel better represented within the company, and also allows for more represented decision making.

There are also powerful metrics being collected to help generate hiring insights. Need to see what bottlenecks are causing long time to hire?  Or how many interviews a hiring manager is conducting for each role to help evaluate cost per hire? GoodTime collects all this data and more to help talent leaders improve their interview process. All of these and more can be quickly checked within the same dashboard.

Learn more about how GoodTime’s Interview Logistics Platform can help you reduce the time and cost needed to hire the right person, while providing an amazing experience for your candidates and interviewers.

Recruitment CRM

1. Greenhouse

Time is especially important for recruitment teams, and Greenhouse helps make sure they’re not wasting theirs finding candidates. In fact, most candidate information is likely already uploaded onto the Greenhouse platform because of its widespread use. Their countless integrations also provide peace of mind.

2. Avature

If building relationships with candidates is more your speed, Avature is the CRM for you. This makes sure that even if someone you interviewed for a position isn’t a good fit, as their communication infrastructure will remind you about previous candidates that might be a better fit for a different position!


1. HireVue

HireVue focuses on pre-hire assessments, video interviews, and scheduling. For a team that experiences consistent, high-volume hires (such as positions in call centers or large sales organizations), HireVue is a great way to quickly and easily qualify candidates.

Additionally, their software automation ensures that the only candidates your team would come in contact with have already gone through a vetting process through the HireVue software, removing a lot of human touch needed in the hiring process.

2. Good&Co

Good&Co helps match the right people with the right organization based on different assessments they conduct. Matching isn’t just through testing skills– they also focus on checking compatibility with coworkers and team members.

At their core, Good&Co makes sure the people your recruiting team is bringing in not only can perform their job well, but also contribute to the company’s core values!

A Team is Only as Great…

…as the tools they have to work with. GoodTime empowers your candidates to set their interview, have a great first experience with your company’s core values, and feel included through diverse interview panels. Request a Demo today!