We’ve just hosted another round of dinner, and it’s a great time once again! A big shout to Jessie at Cruise Automation for co-hosting the dinner with us. This time, we decided to ask our attendees (Talent Operations Managers, Recruiters, VP of Talent and more) to write on a piece of paper what would be a topic of interest to them. So here’s summarizing and sharing about all of the topics that we’ve received!

Automation vs Candidate Experience
1. What do you think about the trade-offs between boasting a great candidate experience through maintaining high degrees of human-touch vs automating all processes?
2. How do we keep human in the hiring process in an era of automation and A.I.?

Process Changes
1. What are tools that succeeded and failed due to process changes?
2. How do you influence your stakeholders and drive change in the recruiting team?
3. What and how do you document the management of process changes?

Employer Branding
1. What are tech tools to improve on employer branding?
2. How are you building it?

1. Between Entelo and LinkedIn, what are wins and gaps?
2. What sourcing tools do you use?

Employee Referral Program
1. How to build a successful employee referral program?
2. Useful tactics to boost referrals to influence stakeholders to be more engaged in the hiring/recruiting process

And here are the two winning questions that Todd, the Editor-in-Chief at ERE Media has picked up on:
1. What kind of career advancement paths do people in recruiting engage in?
2. What do you think will be the next recruiting process that will be automated by A.I.?

That’s it! In fact, most of these questions do end up being inherently discussed during the dinner. For questions about process changes, a piece that we worked on with Dropbox, “How Dropbox Strategizes on Talent Acquisition Tools” will be able to shed some light on it. Email community@goodtime.io if you’re interested in a read!

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