Recruiters Now Schedule Technical Interviews with Greater Ease and Efficiency

San Francisco, CA: Today, GoodTime, the leading talent operations platform for interview scheduling and interviewer training, announced an official partnership with CoderPad, whose technology enables live programming sessions during candidate interviews. The seamless integration of GoodTime and CoderPad makes it easier for recruiting teams to coordinate technical phone screen interviews. Recruiting teams spend up to 60% of their day coordinating interviews.

When recruiters schedule technical phone screen interviews through GoodTime, they use customized templates that clearly lay out the entire timeline of the interview process. These are sent out as company-branded invitations that prompt candidates to provide their availability. GoodTime’s platform then uses potential interviewers’ calendars to find an optimal set of interviewers and an interview time that is suitable for everyone involved.

With this new integration, a CoderPad link and instructions are automatically included in the calendar invite everyone receives. Recruiting coordinators used to leave the GoodTime platform to build a custom email and get a CoderPad link. Now, they save time by staying in GoodTime, and also decrease the likelihood of errors such as missing CoderPad links.

When it’s time for the technical phone screen interview, technical hiring managers can access the CoderPad link through their calendar invite, and can interview the candidate in a live coding session. This gives technical hiring managers visibility into a candidate’s abilities and helps them make better decisions about whether to move the candidate to the next stage of the interview process.

“GoodTime is deeply committed to streamlining the interview process. That includes seamlessly integrating with innovative technology partners in the ecosystem,” said Ahryun Moon, CEO of GoodTime. “Our customers can now spend less time coordinating the details of technical interviews and focus more on their strategic work.”

“GoodTime has quickly become essential software in the modern recruiting team’s toolkit. CoderPad users can now take advantage of the official integration to schedule technical phone interviews with greater ease and efficiency,“ said Vincent Woo, CEO of CoderPad.

About GoodTime

GoodTime is the first talent operations platform that provides intelligent interview scheduling for recruiting teams. GoodTime helps companies scale efficiently by seamlessly scheduling high-volume phone interviews and complex onsite interviews. The San Francisco-based company is backed by investors from Big Basin Capital, Alchemist Accelerator, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Yahoo, Tripit, and Udemy. To learn more or request a demo, visit

About CoderPad

CoderPad is the first tool that allows candidates and interviewers to collaboratively edit and run code in a browser during programming phone screen interviews.

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