If you read my post about going undercover as a recruiting coordinator, you know I love walking a mile in my customers’ shoes. It’s important that I experience their pain points firsthand so I understand their (sometimes visceral) reactions to beta features and product enhancements. It helps me contribute to the product development cycle and offer our product managers insight into potential features.

So when one of our product managers recently pointed out a customer pain point in interviewer training, I jumped in to see how GoodTime could help. And yes, it meant going in undercover, this time at one of the nation’s leading vacation accommodation booking firms. The company embedded me into their recruiting coordinators’ team to see day-to-day processes and help solve their interviewer training challenge.

The issue

Companies can’t grow quickly and hit their hiring targets when they don’t have enough people trained to conduct interviews.

GoodTime has a feature that helps teams balance their interview load, and it works best when the company has lots of staff trained to conduct interviews. We wanted to help companies get more trained interviewers into the queue.

My first day undercover

I embedded with a company that has a strong talent team. They put a lot of effort into training their employees to be great interviewers, and that attention to quality has helped them scale quickly and maintain great hiring quality. Their management staff were super excited to build a new feature with us and have access to GoodTime’s expertise on a daily basis.

My mission: Understand their interviewer training process so GoodTime could automate it and make it hyper efficient.

I spent my first week learning from a senior recruiting coordinator about how they handle and track interviewer training. Then I took on a small amount of the work myself, scheduling training sessions on behalf of other recruiting coordinators. I met multiple stakeholders in the process and always asked for their perspectives, pain points, and ideas for improvements. Such a keen new recruit!

The current process

Here’s the gist of it: Eventually, each new employee is eligible to participate in the company’s interviewing process. If they choose to become an interviewer in relevant fields, they take online courses of basic do’s and don’ts, and finish with a sequence of shadow and reverse shadow sessions. (BTW, shadow and reverse shadow training are a great way to encourage consistency across interviewers.)

To keep the interviews consistent and fair for all candidates, each interviewer needs to fully understand what they’re evaluating, which interview questions to ask, and how to assess the answers. Consistency ensures that the chosen candidate is empirically the best candidate.

Pain points

The company has grown at an astounding rate in recent years and it has a top-notch recruiting team. It was no surprise to me that their interviewer training program was well thought through.

The problem was that the process involved a lot of manual work in multiple Excel sheets, Google forms, and GoodTime. Recruiting coordinators spent too much time keeping Excel sheets up to date when they scheduled and rescheduled training sessions.

The solution lands

After seeing their process, I knew GoodTime could help streamline the interviewer training process for all our customers, just as we had for interview scheduling.

And here’s a happy little side note that influenced the solution we designed:

I was delighted to see that this company’s employees are honored to be interviewers. Their recruiting team does a brilliant job of letting employees know how important the hiring process is to the company’s success. Interviewers know they’re contributing to the company’s growth. The fact that it’s celebrated was a joy to see.

That inspired us to gamify the interviewer training process in our new feature, so employees at every company are motivated to become interviewers. They can be recognized for their contribution to their company’s hiring successes.

From undercover to product reveal

Partnering with customers is crucial to building a product that’s unique, and that they love. Here at GoodTime, we consider it essential. It’s part of why GoodTime has been a success story with some of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies, including 6 unicorns and three public companies.

On my last day undercover, I returned my computer and badge. As I look back, I know my experience armed us with the knowledge that helps us serve our customers. I saw how our users interact with our current product and got invaluable feedback so we could develop a new feature that’s incredibly helpful to them.

GoodTime’s new interviewer training feature creates tailored training paths and makes it easy to schedule shadow and reverse shadow sessions.

I’m excited to announce that GoodTime’s interviewer training feature will be available soon. It’s definitely going to help our customers create a hiring machine while they scale.

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