What is Talent Operations? As talent becomes increasingly competitive, recruiting top talent becomes a company’s important competitive advantage. Nevertheless, this is still a relatively new role that has emerged only in recent years due to the proliferation of SaaS services in the recruiting space. Talent operations managers work on improving recruiting processes. How do they do that? They work with teams to calibrate the needs, and evaluate emerging recruiting technologies so as to improve recruiting operations. They then get buy-ins and train their entire recruiting teams to use the new technological tool in a bid to better empower their teams to perform better and more efficiently.

As talent operations is relatively new with limited online and offline resources, we decided to bring talent operations managers together to network and share about their wins and gaps. This time around, we co-hosted with Megan from Airbnb (thanks Megan!), and we’ve got attendees hailing from great companies – LinkedIn, Dropbox, Stripe, and more.

To kick start conversations on Recruiting Operations for 2018, we carefully curated the most relevant topics for a great night of conversations. We focused on issues of diversity, recruiting metrics, and recruiting technology. Here’s a summary of the key points that were discussed.


    • Be involved in diversity group events on various campuses
    • Attending events and conferences such as GirlGeek events
    • Good sourcing practices including blind resumes, using software like Entelo

Recruiting Metrics

    • Visier as a data visualization software
    • Spotlight: How to qualify interviews as successful or not?

Favorite Recruiting Technology

GoodTime (Aww, thanks for thinking of us!)
GoodTime is a Talent Operations platform that automates interview scheduling, interviewer panel selection, interviewer training and recruiting metrics tracking.

ZenSourcer is a new recruiting CRM tool that helps companies track, manage and communicate with candidates.

Textio is an augmented hiring platform that helps you create effective job posts.

Tableau + Visier
When you combine the usage of these data tools, it’s easy to slice and serve your data to improve existing and new processes.

Keen to attend our next dinner?

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Venue: NYC

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