Everyone wants to be kept updated and be in synchrony with the latest recruiting technologies. This especially rings true to our folks in the Talent Innovators’ Community. For every single recruiting conference that I’ve attended, recruiting teams love to share about the various recruiting software and tools that they use. Often, discussing wins and gaps of these tools becomes an important agenda for events connecting the community in the recruiting space.

Whilst there is a wealth of information being presented and discussed on during offline events and conferences, online resource remains scarce. As a result, we decided to reel in our network of Talent Operations managers to point us to the right technological tools.

Here is the most complete list of top recruiting software and tools in 2018. How do we determine what’s top? We employ a few factors in our curation, but the qualifying recruiting software and tool has to be ranked high in a combination of these aspects: usage by top recruiting teams, level of technology and stability in the software (we do not like things that break!).

ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)


Why recruiters use Greenhouse:
When you’re using an ATS, you’re likely going to go “I want a metrics feature!”, “I want a scheduling feature!”, and decide that there are many add-ons that will make your ATS more robust, improving your entire hiring process. Greenhouse enables a marketplace for add-ons, so that you can configure your ATS however you like. Just look at the massive list of third party tools that Greenhouse supports: https://www.greenhouse.io/partners, and you’d probably find what you want and need right there!

Another key differentiating factor of Greenhouse is that it serves well as the collaboration platform for recruiting teams. Interview plans, comprehensive candidate reports, they’ve got it all!

Finally, Greenhouse’s simple-to-use interface makes for a great experience, for both candidates and recruiting teams alike!


Why recruiters use iCims:
iCims strength lies in automations. With iCims, it’s easy to automate a variety of functions, including social media for sourcing efforts, emails to directly and quickly engage with candidates, automated employee referrals through direct pushes to their social media accounts and now, iCims also facilitates text automations well through its acquisition of TextRecruit.


Why recruiters use SmartRecruiters:
SmartRecruiters is heavily impacting the ATS space with its focus on candidate experience. Recruiting teams get to brand their own candidate portal, where candidates will receive all the information that they will appreciate as they submit an application. With such a platform, candidates are more involved in the entire application process as they are able to track progress of their applications in real-time and contact their hiring managers directly. Finally, a platform that takes candidate experience to the next level!


Why recruiters use Workday:
Analytics, recruiting metrics! You can only manage when you can measure, and with Workday, real-time data constituting every single process of recruitment (sourcing, interviewing, hiring and onboarding) is continuously being generated. Recruiting budget planning, need for automations and better process, back your need using the numbers you can easily crunch from Workday!

Sourcing / Job aggregators


Why recruiters use Entelo:
Functioning like a powerfully intelligent search engine, Entelo helps to aggregate candidate information by pulling in candidates and relevant work experience from a range of online sources. On top of this, Entelo also boasts a functionality involving a predictive algorithm that helps companies identify talented people who might be getting ready to make a career move. Recently, Entelo has just introduced Envoy, so you no longer have to manually manovre through the searches. When there are relevant candidates best fit for your open role, Envoy delivers them directly to your inbox. Being the fastest Recruiter/Sourcer is no longer just a dream!


Why recruiters use Hired:
Hired is a candidate marketplace where you really do get to source for qualified talents in technical, and more recently, in sales roles. How does it work? Hired attracts job seekers to their platform and serve them various assessments. Using their scores and results, companies then compete to interview and hire these candidates on a weekly basis.

Testing & Assessment

Why recruiters use HackerRank:
HackerRank boasts a repository of good coding assessments in over 35+ programming languages. You can either choose from HackerRank’s library of coding assessments, or customize your own. Apart from just saving time in coming up with the tests, HackerRank also greatly empowers the candidate experience through its new real-time coding functionality, CodePair. CodePair enables for real-time online coding interviews, and comprises also of voice and video functions. This way, you can really depict if the candidate has the capabilities to work in your team. And engineering is essentially all about teamwork, right?


Why recruiters use Codility:
Rather than have candidates complete tests complete with technical questions, codility brings testing closer to actual work by creating tasks for candidates to complete. Complete with analytics built-in, recruiters and hiring managers can easily access the performance and accuracy in the work that the candidates complete. Automated assessment, check!

Interview Scheduling


Why recruiters use GoodTime:
GoodTime leverages machine learning algorithms together with rich calendar data to schedule interviews for recruiting teams and candidates within just a few seconds. GoodTime’s customizable interface for candidates also helps in relaying information and in building a great corporate impression to candidates. Recently, GoodTime has just introduced other powerful features such as interviewers training management and recruiting metrics. Full automations for recruiting? Now a reality!


Why recruiters use Reschedge:
Simplicity at its best. With Reschedge, interview scheduling is made fuss-free. Simply create templates, and blast invitations to access your available timings for candidates to pick! Here’s a pro tip whilst using reschedge. If you’ve got a calendar that tends to be full due to events such as “Stand-up”, “Monthly roundup” and such that can tend to be less important than an interview with a popular candidate, take initiative to clean up your calendar!

Diversity Recruiting

Diversity in recruiting is a relatively new priority in recruiting, and different companies have all got different ways of approaching this. Commonly, companies employ a few non-technological or mildly technological solutions. First, there is blind qualifying through ATS, where sensitive information pertaining to stereotypes are intentionally removed for recruiters to qualify without any forms of biases involved. Another popular strategy would be in rewarding recruiters as they hire a minority candidate.

The tools listed below might not be mainly created for diversity purposes, but they serve well and solves various problems in diversity recruiting.

Why recruiters use GoodTime:
GoodTime intelligently generates interviewer panels that are diverse. With diverse interviewing panels, minority candidates feel better represented in the company, and a more represented decision is facilitated.

Why recruiters use Entelo:
Entelo comprises a functionality to aggregate diversity data over multiple sources. This helps in the discovery of minority candidates.

Some new impretations of diversity hiring has also emerged with new software.
Unfortunately, we’re unable to get references.

Textio, TapRecruit : Tools to write less biased job descriptions

ROIKOI : Tool to find diverse talent through employee referrals

Recruitment CRM

Why recruiters use Avature:
What if a candidate that was currently rejected for a position happen to be a good fit for another job position in the future? You no longer have to miss out on previous candidates as with Avature CRM, an entire suite of communication infrastructure on social media and email campaigns comes live to remind your previously active candidates about your company!

Why recruiters use Greenhouse CRM:
It’s fuss-free, most of the information about candidates are already on Greenhouse for many companies that are already on Greenhouse. Hence, there’s no need to spend time and effort on worrying about integrating capabilities.


Why recruiters use ZenSourcer:
ZenSourcer is relatively new, is simple-to-use together with Greenhouse, and is priced extremely affordably. As they’re a relatively new software currently still operating in a beta version, set your expectations right and do anticipate problems to exist. The upside? You’re a rockstar tech adopter at the forefront of recruiting technologies, and the likelihood of them building on a request of yours is extremely high!


What do you think about these recruiting tools?
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