Why every staff member should conduct interviews
In a recent LinkedIn study, 83% of recruiting leaders said talent is the number one priority at their companies. They know it’s tied to their company’s culture and future growth.

You can create a cohesive and healthy talent strategy at your company by having existing employees participate in the interview process as interviewers. If they are well trained, they will be great judges of potential future colleagues.

Careful now!
You have to be careful with this approach. There’s nothing wrong with assigning interviews to the first few trained interviewers who you’re familiar with. But do everything in moderation. If you solely rely on the few interviewers that you’ve trained, bottlenecks may arise when you hit periods of high growth. This can leave a bad impression on candidates and make for long hiring processes.

The solution?
It’s better to train all your employees as interviewers. Begin by preparing an online or group class that teaches them about:

    • Unconscious biases
    • Different types of interviews/questions
    • Inappropriate questions (HR no-no’s!)
    • How to get honest answers from candidates
    • How to pitch their company and its vision
    • How to provide candidates with a great interview experience

Practice makes perfect
Your interviewers will benefit from practicing what they learned and shadowing seasoned interviewers. They can sit in on a real interview to see how it’s done (shadow interviewing), or have a reverse shadow session by conducting an interview while a seasoned interviewer supports them and later provides feedback.

Some program managers require that their interviewers go through both types of sessions, or that they repeat one type of interview several times before they’re certified. Often, a seasoned interviewer decides whether a trainee is ready to conduct real interviews on their own.

See how it goes
It’s important to see how each interviewer gets along once they’re into the swing of real interviews. If they’ve absorbed their training well, they’ll be on track to become seasoned interviewers. If their training didn’t sink in, they may hire the wrong people and miss out on the right ones.

If the trainees struggle with actual interviews, ask their hiring managers to work with them. Give them more training if necessary and have them conduct additional shadow and reverse shadow sessions.

How will you know if it’s going well?
Good training results in an interviewer who:

    1. Understands the kind of employee needed in each role.
    2. Knows their own role in successful hiring.
    3. Takes ownership for the composition of the company’s workforce.
    4. Asks the right questions.
    5. Can drill down into topics with candidates/ask the right questions

Bad training results in an interviewer who:

    1. Doesn’t know what to ask.
    2. Asks duplicate questions.
    3. Affects the candidate’s experience negatively.

Engage your interviewers
Even if participating as an interviewer is mandatory for your staff, you want them to be engaged in the task at hand. Here are a few ways to achieve that:

    1. Be clear about the importance of interviews and how they contribute to the company’s growth. It’s a privilege to help shape the company’s staff profile and should be a point of pride for anyone involved in the process.
    2. Make this new responsibility part of performance reviews. Some companies even reward certified interviewers with more opportunities for promotions.
    3. Gamify the process. Give trainees a real or virtual badge for completing their interviewer training. Make it fun.
    4. Share the data. Give your interviewers and your hiring managers periodic reports about how the interviewers contribute to the overall hiring process. You could include data like the number of interviews each person performs, the number of reschedules that happen, the number of cancellations, etc. This will give your interviewers and hiring managers some context for how they’re contributing to the overall hiring process.

Short on time?
Fret not! You don’t have to design the whole process yourself. GoodTime makes it super easy to run interviewer training.

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