We’re proud to announce that GoodTime now integrates with BlueJeans, the leading video meetings platform. With this latest step in GoodTime’s software, it’s incredibly easy for recruitment coordinators to schedule, reschedule, and conduct video interviews.

Previously, our video interviews only integrated with Google Hangouts. After listening to our customers including Stripe who use smarter cloud video conferencing tools, we decided to take it up a notch and integrate with BlueJeans through leveraging their open platform and APIs. It was a seriously great decision.

Problems solved

Let’s take a quick look at the kinds of problems this integration addresses. They’re common frustrations recruitment coordinators face with video interviews. In my previous life as a recruitment coordinator, I bumped up against all of them!

Google Hangouts is buggy.
It just is. Audio issues happen on older Macbooks when they’re in Google Hangouts, which is no fun when you’re in the middle of an interview with a candidate. If you have to switch platforms in the middle of the interview, you have less time to talk with the candidate.

Don’t even risk it. With GoodTime and BlueJeans you’re all set. And for the candidate, it’s super easy as there’s no download required. It’s rock solid and it just works. 

I missed a step when I rescheduled a video interview.
When you’re aiming to close 10 candidates in a week (been there!), that can mean scheduling hundreds of interviews. Things are bound to get messy, especially when rescheduling creeps into the picture.

There were times when I’d read through entire email threads just to remember what had already been said so I could keep things moving forward. It’s brutal when there are multiple email threads, and it’s easy to accidentally leave out details like links. Editable email templates can help a bit, but when being authentic is important (and it always is) templates aren’t the sexiest solution.

GoodTime walks you through every step so you don’t miss a thing. What’s more, its communications are efficient and natural so interviewers and candidates know they’re dealing with recruiters, not bots.

I forgot to book a conference room.
It’s easy to remember to book a conference room for a physical interview, but somehow I’d often overlook this step with video conferences. I also ran into interviewers who wanted to book specific rooms themselves, so the ownership of this step was sometimes fuzzy. With time and experience I realized that it was best if I booked the room, but it was yet another pain point that meant toggling between applications.

GoodTime helps users book a conference room and they can even generate a BlueJeans interview link to go out in a calendar invite:

Here’s what the event looks like in a calendar:

What this integration means for video interviews

Video interviews will take about a minute to schedule. (It’s shocking, really.)

Say goodbye to errors, toggling between tabs and applications, and technical problems. This new integration is going to make your world a happier place!

With GoodTime, you won’t miss any steps along the way, and you can schedule video interviews in just a few clicks. They only take about a minute to schedule or reschedule. It’s a game changer.

More feedback please.
GoodTime’s team has a lot of experience in the recruitment sector. We know its pain points well, and do our best to tackle frustrations and inefficiencies of every kind. We’re really happy with the input from our customers that led to this integration. We combined that with our own experiences to improve our product.

Now I want to hear your feedback. Write to hello@goodtime.io to tell me whether this integration solves your video interviewing issues. I’d love to hear from you!

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