The team recently went into one of our customer’s headquarters to shoot a customer testimonial video for our new website. During a break, whilst sitting on a couch munching on snacks, I noticed that everyone who walked past said hi and chatted up with my colleague, Jody. Jody is an account manager in our team, and has only entered GoodTime a week before I did. Upon finding out that Jody has only met them one other time before I did, I was puzzled… Why were they acting as if they have already known each other for quite awhile?

So I got Jody to share his “Hacks” to super effective networking! With his tips, you’re well on your way to cultivating effective and lasting business relationships. 

“It’s all about empathy, clarity and laughter!” says Jody.

Empathize, so that you really create value

There are so many instances where it’s easy to feel tempted to share the amazing points about our product and our company, but we’ve got to chill for a little! Instead, it’s super important to understand the people we’re talking to. Find out about their pain points, and think of ways to help them. When they notice that we’re empowering them to do their jobs more efficiently, they naturally want to connect with us and have us build our product to help them further. And this results in a positive loop, because we’d help them further and receive feedback to deliver more value to them. It’s like a positive snowballing effect!

Clarity, so people know what to do

I know of people who make processes seem complicated so as to present their product in a more sophisticated light. But when it goes in that direction, it gets tricky for the customers to understand the product. I’ve a hack here, and it’s the KISS framework. “Keep It Simple Stupid”- this framework is indeed classic but golden.

I’m not saying you can’t go sophisticated, but it’s important to break things down in a way that is simple to understand. Communicate really clearly. Words getting too chunky and difficult to read? Shoot an explanatory video! Think of making it as easy as can be for your customers, they’d appreciate it.

Laughter, so everyone can have a GoodTime

This is possibly the biggest point, but so long as you keep things light-hearted and enjoyable, people are going to like to talk to you. When you facilitate casual and fun talks like that, business partners feel that it’s easier to open up to you. They give more genuine feedback, and will care about you better. Because at that point it’s no longer just a business acquaintanceship, but a genuine friendship.

However, do not get carried away. Watch out for body cues. Some people might just not be comfortable with personal conversations or having a laugh with someone they’ve just met. Nonetheless, being able to laugh makes people you talk to feel better, and it’s more likely that they’d refer you to others! BE GENUINE!

Honestly, I feel that Jody’s hacks make so much sense and can help well in so many different contexts. Take recruitment for example, if you empathized, sought clarity, and made your candidate laugh, your candidate will definitely be in love with your company. With this, you can easily close top talents. makes it really easy for recruiting coordinators to schedule and reschedule interviews and communicate information about the interviews. Speed is one thing, but we care a lot about the candidate experience too. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can efficiently arrange a candidate’s recruitment process, whilst forging a personal connection with the him/her?

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