Here’s some really sweet news! We’ve just raised $2M worth of new capital in our latest seed financing round. This round is led by Big Basin Capital and Walden International. Michael Stoppelman, Lip-Bu Tan and Geoff Donaker participated together with other really amazing investors.

We’re extremely thrilled about this, especially when we see that people are starting to believe in our work to empower recruiting teams in their interview scheduling processes. This fuels us in the direction of bettering our product- reducing more inefficiencies in scheduling interviews, and seeking for better user experiences.

GoodTime was born out of a rant by a tech recruiter who lamented the fact that she spent over half her day scheduling interviews. Ahryun, Jasper, and Peter knew that they would be able to build something revolutionary in the HR sphere to make the jobs of recruiters and recruiting coordinators way better. And so they did.

We started GoodTime with a hypothesis that technology can supercharge recruiting teams to schedule interviews with greater efficiency. What this means to us is pretty drastic. We’re talking about creating something that will increase the pace of interview scheduling by more than five times!

Here at GoodTime, we have a constant focus to understand the users- both the recruiters and recruiting coordinators. This helps us make sure that the product will solve most, if not all of the problems experienced by recruiting teams. 

Some people might think that with efficiency comes a compromise in the experience of candidates. We think otherwise. Since the conception of GoodTime, optimization of candidate experience has been at the core of what we do. With GoodTime, say goodbye to email ping-pong and time-consuming errors. Candidates love how easy it is to schedule and reschedule using GoodTime.

It is extremely heartening for us whenever we hear how recruiting coordinators using GoodTime were able to achieve impressive results. In fact, we’ve proven our hypothesis right with every customer that we have on-boarded. A 6 recruiter team at Stripe was able to hire more than 300 talents in a year with GoodTime. We’re a small team, and whenever we hear of such positive results being delivered by our product, the entire team softens up and breaks into cheers and laughter. It really isn’t easy expressing the extent of gratification and motivation we get from things like that.

We have all invested so much love and hard work into the current GoodTime, and here are some of the key features we’ve built in the past year that we’d like to share with you.

    • Interview scheduling up to 10x faster
    • Scheduling and rescheduling within a minute
    • Automatic assignment and diversification of interviewer panels

But this is not an end. We’re learning new things and conceiving new solutions as we hear from our existing and new customers every day. We really do strive for every single one of our customers to be empowered with all the imaginable features they would need for providing the best experience for their recruiting teams and candidates alike.

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