I used to live in Austin, Texas. So when I saw a line up at a new “Texas-style BBQ” restaurant in San Francisco, I was totally on board. I spent 30 long minutes in line dreaming of juicy brisket, savory BBQ sauce, fresh coleslaw, and buttery creamed corn. When I got to the front of the line, I saw 10 people preparing food efficiently in the kitchen while a single cashier took every order. They could have halved my wait with more cashiers. So frustrating!

The same thing can happen with interview scheduling. Recruiting teams sometimes create efficient internal processes, but make their candidates waste time on inefficient ones. That doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you look after your internal processes and leave candidates struggling out in the cold?

Are chatbots the solution?

In short, no. There are several chatbot-based software options that claim to help recruiting teams improve interview scheduling. Chatbots “correspond” with candidates using email to negotiate interview times on behalf of a recruiter. Although this cuts down on the recruiter’s work, it doesn’t make a candidate’s experience any easier.

Candidates still waste time sending emails back and forth with the bot to negotiate interview times. They still wait for recruiters to choose an interviewer panel, and they still have to reschedule when interviewers aren’t available.

What’s more, when bots don’t understand email replies properly, the candidate has to ask the recruiting team for help. That significantly degrades the candidate’s impression of the company even before the interview happens. A company that isn’t paying attention to its users isn’t very appealing. And first impressions are critically important, especially when you’re chasing talented candidates who have several job options.

There’s also a lot to be said for having a human experience, especially at the start of your journey with a company. If you’ve used any of the 2 million chatbots that are on the market today, you probably know what I’m talking about. There’s something that feels staged and impersonal about them and that’s not the feeling recruiting teams want to generate, especially at the interview stage. It’s so much nicer to involve candidates in a sincere conversation.

The lesson here? Bots are not the solution.

How can you improve everyone’s experience?
GoodTime’s interview scheduling software improves the interview scheduling experience for recruiting teams and candidates. It lets people communicate effectively while saving time at every turn. It manages everything from simple phone interviews to complex on-site interviews, giving recruiters and recruiting coordinators more time to spend on strategic work.

“GoodTime’s software provided the most efficient interview process our candidates have ever been through.” ~Neboysa Omcikus, Head of Talent at Rubrik

Here’s what our clients love about using GoodTime:

Stop email ping pong

With GoodTime, correspondence between recruiting teams and candidates is fast and easy. Recruiters and candidates can connect, select interview times, and confirm them in minutes.

Choose interviewer panels with ease
Recruiters can select a candidate’s perfect interview panel in just a few clicks. GoodTime’s software lets them see who is available, their area(s) of expertise, and the types of questions they’re pre-approved to ask during interviews.

Reschedule in seconds

No one wants to get emails like these from a human or a bot:

Can you send me three dates and times when you’re available?

… None of the times you provided work for us. How about 3 PM this Wednesday?

… Sorry, 3 PM this Wednesday is no longer available. Are you free on Thursday or Friday at the same time?

With GoodTime, that won’t happen. Rescheduling is pain free for everyone. Your candidates take care of their own rescheduling (a feature they LOVE!) and you can limit the number of times they can reschedule an interview.

Create great first impressions

Here’s an example of poor interview scheduling. It’s a massive calendar band that doesn’t walk the candidate through a sleek process. Even worse, it makes the candidate feel like they’re just another number in a long line up, and that they have to work to the recruiter’s schedule instead of their own:

Hey candidate, choose a time on my calendar!

In contrast, GoodTime lets you design personalized interview invitations using first names. You can tailor every detail — from logos to splash photos and the text — to fit your company’s unique culture. It’s a beautiful way to connect with candidates and inspire trust:

The takeaway

GoodTime removes communication hurdles and gets your candidates in the door faster so they can interact with your interview team. Let them experience your company’s amazing Texas style BBQ without wasting a ton of time in line! Get them through the door quickly, honor their schedules, and give them back their precious time. They will appreciate you for it.

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