Barely a week ago, I boarded my flight from Singapore to San Francisco on a one-way ticket. Farewells were exchanged, and clearly that wasn’t just all sunshine and butterflies. So here’s my introductory post, and I’d like to share about how I made this neat (gutsy?) decision in my undergraduate life – moving to an entirely foreign country, and dedicating myself to a new company.

I have always dreamt of working in Silicon Valley.
Some people might be aware that Singapore is headed in the direction of building herself to be the “Silicon Valley” of Asia. Just a few years ago, I had the opportunity of interning in a Singaporean startup, ShopBack. It was there where I discovered my passion for tech and startups. In particular, I loved the pace at which things were moving, changing, and the culture whereby the lines between work and life was blurred. Work was consistently emotionally and technically engaging, and was never a chore.

Since I am seriously passionate about tech and startups, my interest in Silicon Valley can only be intuitive. This effectively meant that ever since I was 19, I dreamt of working in a kickass tech startup in the Bay Area. My university, the National University of Singapore runs the “NUS Overseas Colleges” program here in Silicon Valley, and I was determined to hack through the 3 interviews spanning a little more than a year and be selected for the program. Thankfully it all went well!

I’m crazy about growth hacking.
Just yesterday, I saw a truck driving past and it’s labeled “Geek Squad”. They’re essentially the tech guys at Best Buy. To be completely honest, albeit having a specialization in marketing, I’d call myself a geek and here’s why. A common misconception that people tend to have is that marketing= sales. Marketing is NOT sales. Marketing however, supports the sales team by communicating information and by helping to generate traction. A good marketing campaign generates leads for the sales team. Digital marketing is geeky in nature because a lot of numbers have to be analyzed and crunched, so as to communicate the right information to the right people, at the right time. (Isn’t this starting to sound geeky…?)

Before GoodTime, I’ve interned at 5 other companies, including Nestlé and HSBC Bank. By completing 5 internships, I was familiar with an entire range of digital marketing functions, from search engine optimization to email marketing and more. Owing to my obsession for multi-faceted growth hacking, I knew that the startup environment would be the sweetest spot for me. I’m extremely keen to contribute in many areas, and wouldn’t so much be delighted in doing something really specific like newsletter campaigns every single day. I wanted to be a marketing generalist, and that’s only possible in an open-minded startup with a focus on empowering employees.

The team at GoodTime is simply amazing.
Can you believe that the team interviewed me on a public holiday? A+++ for being the best employers! I was in a rush as I had an outstanding job offer to respond to, and so they arranged my final interview on the next “working day”. I was pleasantly impressed, and accepted the offer almost immediately. There was absolutely nothing to hesitate about when I knew that I would be in good hands.

Thanks to the scheduling tool developed in-house, the 2 rounds of interviews comprising different panels were successfully scheduled really quickly. Even though there were complexities in the differing time zone between San Francisco and Singapore, the entire recruitment process was completed in just 4 working days. And now, you might be doubting if the recruitment process was conducted properly. So to paint things clearer, in the 4 days I completed a writing test, as well as crafted an entire marketing plan. Impressed? I sure was. And you know what? I love it.

I’m enjoying my first day here so much. It was way too nice of the team to have arranged a welcome lunch and for showing me the places with good coffee. Something interesting here is that part of the orientating process involves setting up individual Coffee Chats with everyone in the team! In view of how I will only have a year here, I’ll make it a point to be proactive and make the most out of this! (A+++ intern?)

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